Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 17th July 2022

The presence of the Moon on your back, positioned in the 12th house, will lead its influences in the part of your unconscious, activating a law in a universal sense that will lead you to overcome the old for the new, it will be a great renewal process in your life. The Sun in the 1st house will give you a leadership capacity from a high energy, since you will be able to put aside your ego, and in which each achievement of the group will transmit you great happiness.

The sextile between Pluto and Neptune can facilitate a relationship built on serious foundations, in which you can build a spiritual and lasting bond together. Both can collaborate together in the professional area to get ahead. At this time you will be very inclined to the study of mystical subjects. If you’re not currently part of a study circle, it’s important to start exploring that area.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

Time to take some risks. They can be reckless but calculated. The first step is to know where you want to go. The second is to use your courage to set concrete goals in motion. The universe is ready to help you, but you must kick off. Do not try to deny your fears, it is better to take them by the hand and go forward together in the adventure. Taking action means welcoming you to the destination.

Today is a good day to add a little spark to your life. If things have been a bit dull and stagnant lately, maybe you should add some excitement and pizzazz to the situation. Take charge and pursue your goals; you have a strong instinct that tells you where to go. Trust your intuitions and follow them; On a day like today there is no need to hesitate.

You are in a phase and would be quite capable of exclaiming at any moment “Family I hate you! “The moment seems badly chosen to propose a family reunion as the energy of Mars acts negatively on you. You have only one idea in mind: to pull out your roots and feel free to fly away. Ascendant Aries, you feel the presence of your loved ones as so many chains that prevent you from evolving. A trip would do you the greatest good.

You will be living a romantic life on an intense and deep level, you must avoid that your level of intensity is driven from a low energy and takes you to the control of the other or to manifest jealous behaviors. Focus your depth on building a lasting bond.

You will spend time with a group of strangers. Perhaps you will go to a party where you will meet many new people, some of whom could become future business contacts or associates. You will enjoy using your legendary charm to impress others. Don’t be afraid to show how charming and intelligent you are! You will influence people with your friendly way of being.

The presence of Mercury in your Sky could create tension in your couple today: these discords should not last too long or risk severely weakening your relationship. Start by taking stock of the main points of contention, ask yourself if they are real problems or simple misunderstandings, and only then can you consider defusing the bomb. Single, do not throw yourself headlong into a newly emerging relationship.

With the energy of Jupiter in the 6th house, it is very intelligent of you to control the level of carbohydrates and sugars in your diet, since it is an energy that expands in every way and such expansion could occur in the body.

You are very good with children, whether you know it or not! If you are not a parent yet, today will be a great day for you to borrow from your friend or siblings their children and have fun. You can come up with games and activities for all of you to have fun together for hours. You’ll find it’s fun to express yourself with children as they appreciate openness and honesty differently than adults.

Don’t be demolished by this virus by staying locked up at home doing nothing. Take the opportunity to recharge your batteries. Don’t overlook the things that make you happy. For example, by taking the opportunity to carry out activities that you had never seen before (yoga) or others that you were no longer used to (reading). This catch-up time will restore your morale. Soon, you will see all the benefits of listening to and respecting your desires.

The ruler of the 6th house positioned in the 9th house can bring important benefits if you dedicate yourself to teaching university chairs or if you are linked to the magistrate or public positions. Explore new realms of thought. Things are going very well for you and you have the opportunity to make tremendous progress on your projects today; Secure all the pieces and close deals. It is important that you do not lose focus at this time so that others trust that you will be able to do the job well.

Money and Luck
The presence of Mars and Venus in the house of resources represent guaranteed success in the area of finances. Since Mars represents the ability to act and Venus good luck, although this Venus can also lead you to waste, in this case it is important to control such hedonistic airs.

Today you will feel overwhelmed by money problems. Perhaps you have had a financial setback and you will be thinking about how to recover the money. Help is on the way. You will receive outside money that will help you balance the accounts, and the problems you have will be solved later. You will overcome your own naivete, with a little help from your friends.

Those who evolve in the banking or accounting sphere or who are used to regularly playing with numbers, will have to be careful in their choices today. Jupiter arriving in your sky may have a negative influence on your actions and could induce you to take poorly controlled risks. Show rigor and reflection before embarking on a risky investment or an expensive operation which will not have the expected returns and which could be held against you in the future.

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