Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 28th July 2019

When an eclipse occurs as important as yesterday, both the Sun and the Moon are in the middle of the event and as it is your regent everything is possible, and this is what just happened with the longest eclipse of the 21st century. It will present the opportunity to go on a trip and solve that economic issue that worried you.

A very dear friend will have a beautiful gesture with you that will show you how important you are in your life. A warning: while Mercury is retrograde there are situations that can take you out of your boxes. If you do not put your feet on the ground when deciding something important you could err. Therefore, avoid making relevant decisions when you are under the influence of intense emotion, a state of euphoria or sadness.

This is the time to leave home, solve social issues and move in circles where you can better share your life and attract who is worthwhile to your side. The effect of the recent eclipse just happened envelops you with a unique charm and you will be surprised, or surprised, with the words that you will hear from who you least expected.

If you have plastic surgery or liposuction in mind, the chances of success are very high in this cycle. However, if you can wait until after Mercury returns to be direct then it would be better.

There are some co-workers who could get you involved in compromising situations. Take care of those who speak behind the backs of others. They will do the same with you! Such people lack principles and if you associate with them they could put you in the same group.

Money and Luck
In this astral stage that extends with the efflux of the eclipse, many natives of your cancer sign receive well-used signals that give fortune and attract money and prosperity. In a dream, a hunch, an intuition, there may be the answer for you.


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