Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 4th November 2018

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 4th November 2018

It’s your day to start the novelty, get back together with someone from the past, open a page of your life that you had closed. Your critical capacity is sharpened, be careful what you say.

You could hurt others. However, since your ruler is the Moon and now is in a phase of opposition, brilliance and splendor, you will notice how your love life is channeled into paths that until now have been little explored by you.cancer daily horoscope today sunday 4th november 2018

A remote romance now returns to your life. You are entering your stage of reconciliations, loving arrangements and life in common. What once seemed impossible or distant now is a beautiful reality in your feelings and under the impact of the Moon even more, strong, and stable.

The present astral influences will greatly help you improve your physical condition especially if you are preparing for some type of competitive event. On the other hand, if you suffer from vision problems you get a good vibration.

Before doing something hastily, first consult with your closest family and do not throw yourself into an unknown job, especially if it is outside of your city or involves long absences or sleeping away from home. Value all the existing factors, the so-called “pros” and “cons”, the two sides of the coin, cancer.

Money and Luck
A reorganization in your schedules, labor issues and pending tasks will save you a lot of resources. There is money in the making, but to direct your energy directly not wasting unnecessary purchases. Happily the full moon will serve to inspire you and project you into a new economic dimension.

By Mary Emma

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