Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th December 2018

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th December 2018

You are in a meditative and reflective tone, thinking too much about your problems and those of others, trying to solve them and this anguishes you. Do not burden other people’s responsibilities.

You find the occasion and also the propitious words to express yourself with sincerity and put things in their place in relation to a conflict of love interests in which you have been involved in these past days. You will go well. If you are linked to a trade with contacts abroad or a similar activity, you are on a very auspicious day and you will achieve favorable and positive results.cancer daily horoscope today thursday 13th december 2018

As long as there are retrograde planets in the horoscope, you must take care of what you do or say, cancer. Emotional impulses can think a lot today and a thought of distrust can spoil your day if you question the love of the one who has shown you his fidelity. Check your heart before saying something hurtful.

If you are not a medical professional, do not make decisions on your own. Maybe you feel disappointed with a treatment and want to change your doctor or hospital. Do not end a medication without having previously consulted.

Put your conciliatory, cancer-loving ability to work. It will be easy for you to persuade others if you touch their sensitive points. If you need cooperation in your work, convince them with good words. You will succeed with your magnetic personality.

Money and Luck
The Moon, your regent, is accelerating your natural impulses motivating you to start new economic negotiations that, because they are well sponsored, have all the prospects of success. Do not spare money or efforts in that project because there will be results.

By Mary Emma

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