Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 15th October 2020

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 15th October 2020

It is the cycle of the full moon, Cancer, and during this astral stage, you feel more united with yours and love acquires a different, dynamic, beautiful face. However, as there are three squares of the Moon on this Thursday (with Saturn, Pluto, and the North Node), delays or interruptions may occur in certain negotiations or talks that do not work well. The most interesting will be presented at a family and sentimental level because you feel more attached to a very dear person. Starting tomorrow, Monday, focus well on your work tasks to avoid complications in your zodiac day. Avoid conversations at work until you have finished your activities. If at this time you are dating a new partner and you discover that he is cheating on you, you should cut the relationship before becoming more emotionally involved in it.

Today show your sensitive, educated, and sensual nature. It will be necessary. It is a day to curl up at home with a cup of tea and comfort yourself with your loved ones. Astrological weather forecasts gloomy skies and pessimistic change. Keep the preservation of your emotional life close at hand. Your intuition will be especially strong, so don’t be afraid to trust it when you need to make important decisions.cancer daily horoscope 15th october 2020

The full moon revolutionizes everything in your love life, cancer. If one love left you, another appears, if you have an incipient relationship it becomes stronger. Now your love life acquires a different dynamism, full of great possibilities because the cosmic energy is in your favor. The best thing is that whoever does not suit you definitely moves away from you. With Pluto and the Moon in these positions in your Heaven, the life of some married natives will still be under the sign of crisis. But the support of the Sun will undoubtedly make it possible to find a solution. Singles, themselves, primarily affected by the Sun, can hope for a good day in terms of love, with, for many of them, a very important meeting.

Today you will notice a couple of coworkers a bit depressed and discouraged. What will affect your performance in the office? As your colleagues are not going to be very communicative, you should play the disengagement and continue with your work despite the situation. The thing will be more difficult, but not impossible for you.

Jupiter will influence your romantic relationships if you are single. You will meet interesting people and you will probably find someone you will have a good time with. If you are in a relationship, don’t let your guard down and don’t let doubts set in. Take charge immediately by clarifying the situation with your spouse. Express yourself clearly and without raising your voice. Both of you will come out of this discussion stronger and more united than ever.

Do not ignore or underestimate the signals that your body sends you and if you begin to feel certain pains, discomforts, or unaccustomed symptoms, consult your doctor, leave doubts and take the appropriate measures in time. You can no longer control this overflow of negative events. Without really knowing the cause, you feel that you are at the end of your limits. Put together, they created a nervous accumulation. The latter becomes impossible to manage. However, we advise you not to rush too far towards the finish line. You have to lean on your pillars. This new choice will transform the way you look at how to endure a crisis. One, two, three … get set … get off to a good start!

Today you will feel like separating yourself from the world, preferring solitude, so you will avoid contact with everyone. It is not that there is something that bothers you in particular, simply that all the activities of your life intimidate you at this moment. Respect your need for solitude. What’s the point of going to a party if you really don’t want to go? Take time to recharge your batteries and you’ll be fine very soon. We would rather say stop! What energy, what activity! Do not overdo it anyway, you will burn yourself out. It must be said that the influx will be so energizing that they will give you wings.

There are changes in the work environment, but while they are not effective, do not anticipate events and above all avoid biased comments with gossiping colleagues that could entangle you in some inconvenient gossip because now they abound with the double square of your ruler the Moon with Saturn and Pluto. Many of you may experience a troubled time in your work. Nothing serious, it seems, but rather small annoyances which, by accumulating, will eventually annoy you. This will take you out of your usual placidity: your colleagues will be amazed!

Don’t believe everything they tell you today, especially when it comes to money. A friend or colleague is likely to approach you with a business that is difficult to pass up. Don’t get caught up in the promise of getting rich quick. Any business that is presented to you as “too good to be true” is generally so. Take the information and review it later. You will discover the flaws when you have cooled your head.

Money and Luck
The first impressions you receive from other people related to a business may lack clarity and cause you concern. Do not be guided by appearances and delve into their credentials before signing anything with them guided by emotional impulses. You will need to find the right balance between your spending and your income. Not so easy to achieve, for you who have a clear tendency to live beyond your means! Especially since you will be euphoric. Be careful not to throw money out the window! Cancer Luck Today

If you consider yourself quite conservative, this aspect can be enhanced more than usual today. It is not necessarily about political issues, although it does refer to them as well. You may want to tone it down a bit so you don’t create tension with your more liberal-minded partners. You are not wrong, but neither are they. Tension can arise as soon as the big emotional topics appear in the conversation. Keep in mind that this can happen today.

Forced to evolve in a stormy climate, you walk on eggshells. Practice the method and the positive thinking “I’m fine, everything is fine”. Be a bit individualistic, think about your balance and your good intellectual health. Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, jogging, hiking, detox treatment, everything will be good to help you relax. Rest assured anyway, this tense period will not last and this momentary crisis will also have had the virtue of helping you refocus.

Family and Friends
Tired of endless family reunions, you want to isolate yourself. Good idea! A period of calm will allow you to recharge the batteries. Your loved ones ask you a lot and sometimes suck your energy. You need to clear your head and temporarily forget about them.

To do this, everyone has their own method: running, outing with friends, solo movie night, or even a romantic weekend. Avoid explaining to them the reasons for your getaway, they would not understand. As a family, everything may not be easy. Your parents may need your help temporarily unless some of your children are demanding and temperamental. And beware of the risk of flooding and short circuits.

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