Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 18th October 2018

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 18th October 2018

As you see, Cancer, it is your regent, the Moon in conjunction with the Sun and that important aspect known as “the phase of the beginning” marks the beginning of the synodic month that will be transformative in many ways for you.

You will notice how certain things that were paralyzed begin to move, to come to life, and the decisions you make are now very accurate. What once satisfied you and caused joy is repeated, and the prospects of a cheerful and dynamic end of the month are very high, especially on the level of love.

This charismatic halo surrounds you and attracts the attention and interest of all those with whom you are in contact. This has its positive side, of course, but it could also have a negative aspect if you are now engaged and your relationship is going well and without noticing you give reasons for jealousy or confusing situations. Avoid the dubious scenes and everything will come out by mouth.

This is a cycle of allergies and many Cancer tend to suffer from problems similar to the flu. If the weather conditions are not the best do not expose yourself to the weather without being well wrapped, you could get a cold or worse.

If you are a Cancer who is worried about a work management that is not resolved, it will be time to concentrate your energy on what is really worth it and not waste time doing things unrelated to your work life, social networks are very useful, but only if they know how to dose.

Money and Luck
There is money in negotiations associated with purchases of land, houses, equipment, property and automobiles. If you develop in this field, the prospects for success are very high, so do not be discouraged by an initial refusal and continue forward, cancer.