Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 25th July 2019

Tomorrow the planet Mercury will enter retrograde in Leo. It is recommended that you review your pending issues today and so you will not leave anything for the last minute because with Mercury’s retrograde entry certain issues tend to take a little longer to count.

You will be more serious than usual, it may seem like a bad mood, stay open to others. Contrasts in perspective, your shape is very fluctuating, the essential will be to harmonize your activity on the day.

You will receive news of an upcoming short trip in which there may be good money if you act quickly and get immediately depending on what you should do. Follow your cancer intuitions and you will achieve wonders. There is also something very beautiful in your love life.

Finish what does not suit you and you will see how good you feel. Once you have clarified your feelings you can be free to explore other sentimental avenues without having to feel guilty for being acting in secret or not having put the cards on the table in something that initially seemed very complicated to you, but then you were checking out proportion.

Information that you have hidden is out in the open, especially when it comes to love and family. Pay attention to your reputation and your prestige and avoid the pitfalls that can affect your popularity or the trust placed in you.

As a couple: Your affective relationships must evolve if you want them to last. Speaking games will not bring peace to households. It would be much wiser to try to understand what is opposing you and to find compromises.

Single: Better to let the day pass and take things in hand later. If you are single, nobody interests you or does not correspond to you. You have neglected your relationship in the past and you are paying the consequences now.


Follow the health plans that have worked for you so far and you will see how you achieve your goals, but do not set unreal goals. Try to make this day something constructive little by little. If you cover too much you would not achieve anything concrete.

Slowly the waters recover their level and you discover that your efforts have not been in vain. A new job position awaits you, better paid and in a more pleasant place. If you work from home, there is very good news for you too, Cancer.

Your temper becomes impulsive, you should anticipate your anger and put some water in your wine without complaining. A little tact and patience are required if you want to get out of the game at work.

Money and Luck
There are probabilities of a stroke of luck in the chance at night. If you feel inspired to play a number or participate in a contest listen to your inner voice and follow your hunch. A dream can give you the number for a casino, a lottery, a raffle.

You can count on additional income to strengthen your bank account. We have nothing for nothing, in return, you will have to make some extra effort. Nothing complicated when you know your financial liabilities.

Your mind is lively but bored quickly, it will have to make a serious sort in your overflowing ideas, sometimes brilliant, often utopian, always dynamic. You have more to manage at best the energies at stake to choose your goals.

Your lucky numbers today are 1, 6, 7, 9, 10.


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