Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 1st December 2020

Sextile of the Moon, your ruler, with the Sun, 60 degrees difference between the two, wonderful astral aspect, Cancer! This is a Tuesday of intimate revelations in which you will find yourself facing totally renewing circumstances. There are money and love on your horizon! The month of December arrives with joy and fortune, as well as the possibilities of doing what you always wanted, but that for one reason or another you could not materialize. Do not waste the money that is now coming to you because in a few days you will have an excellent investment opportunity and if you go into debt now, then you will not be able to face that latent business in your future astrological horizon.

Well, dear, it’s not quite a day for you! Your proverbial rationality and analytical skills will not be at their best today. You should even expect to make some errors with discernment. So, if you have calculations to make or an important decision to make, but it all off until tomorrow!cancer daily horoscope 1st december 2020

This Tuesday, December 1, your life policy will be positively appreciated, you will be able to communicate your energy to those around you. Your budget holds your full attention. Don’t run away from essential upgrades. You will likely have difficulty concentrating, a tendency to scatter, and distraction. So switch to more physical or manual activities, it will do you the greatest good by eliminating the excess of nervousness.

Everything is being projected in your favor so live life! There can be no place for sad ideas in these moments because your reality is what counts and as you live and enjoy it, you will be increasing your happiness.

It’s a good day to let your heart go. You have love to spare, but out of modesty or restraint, you hide it easily. However, it is a wealth that you would benefit from highlighting more. A bouquet, a surprise dinner, a weekend trip, so many small gestures that maintain a relationship. A simple and lively way to show how you feel about each other. Just do it!

You like to seduce and be seduced that reassures you. The influences of the Moon will be beneficial if you decide to get closer to a particular person. Your charm will act without you having to do much. In a Relationship: Stability and balance in your relationship as a couple give you all the vitality you need if you want to achieve something. Your partner supports you whatever happens, between you everything is fine, you do not risk getting stuck in the routine. Single: Very nice day to be the creator of your love life. Use your talents, your gifts, seduce the person you covet by the emergence of your unique personality. Be innovative, surprising, offbeat, the key, today, to your romantic success!

This Tuesday we must pay attention to two squares of your ruler, the Moon, with Mars, direct, and Uranus, retrograde. Let’s see what they mean: without becoming paranoid or hypochondriac, you should take better care of yourself. For example, if spots or rashes appear on your skin in this cycle, take them as a warning sign so that you consult your doctor and become more aware of your health because in many cases it is not about skin conditions but stress results. and the tension of these days, relax more!

A day under the sign of great physical and intellectual form. Your mind should be bubbling over with many different ideas while your body feels light and airy. We would come to! Put on a sports outfit, it will already be that, and throw your body and soul into your thoughts and projects. We would almost envy you!

This is a phase of changes and important projects in your job. A new boss or supervisor may cause you some problems because their work style is different from what you are used to. Take a deep breath, try to adapt, you can, and you will see how they become great co-workers and you start 2020 happy and happy in your job if you have it, or in a new job, if that is what you are looking for now. For those who continue their professional activities: This day is favorable to consolidate your work but you must control your finances. Do not slack off and do not lose this privilege. You can afford a whim but don’t overspend. Plan ahead.

You have a particular objective view of situations and people today. The aspect of the day amplifies your lucidity and allows you to see things as they are, and not as they appear. There is no doubt that you might be disappointed to realize, for example, that such a colleague who prides himself on achieving a miraculous turnover has led you by boat! But it is better to see and know than to play ostriches. Especially in business!

Money and Luck
Sextile between the Moon and the Sun! Do you need extra money or income and are you looking for it? You have a good chance of receiving it, but you must manage it well so that it does not slip out of your hands, spending it on unproductive or disproportionate purchases. Discussions concerning money matters will be particularly favorable to you, learn more about what is underway. Also, the role of conciliator fits you like a glove! You have the art of procrastinating and deciding on the interests of others.

Your mind is sharp and blazingly fast right now! You can find a solution to any problem. Also, don’t be surprised if the whole family calls out to you to help solve small and big worries, heartaches, and money troubles … You may transform yourself, at least for the day. , in Mother Teresa! If you have paperwork waiting for you, don’t hang around. It is also the moment to liquidate this kind of bond.

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