Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

A lot of emotional energy, a lot of empathy and a lot of intuition. It is what can define this period for you. Take advantage of it to connect with others and to find what you need to change in your life to improve. If something has been bothering you in terms of health, it is a very good time to communicate with your body and understand the cause of the discomfort.

Your partner has been going through very intense periods of restructuring and has not yet finished making the adjustments he wants in his life. There are times when so much severity and obsession can worry you, but you understand that it is how he handles it and how he achieves his results.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

On this day you have to empathically connect with your significant other in order to share what they feel and support them as you can, from the heart. Take advantage of the energy of this day to connect with others, friends, family, partner in an empathic way, beyond words. With your parents, especially if they are older, try not to be verbally aggressive. It would be unfortunate to hurt those you love. Know that the elderly, necessarily feeling diminished, are very sensitive or very sensitive although stubborn.

On this day, your 5th house of love and the search for happiness has the South Node of the Moon within it. This node tends to reduce what is found there, so your love life may be going through a brief drought. Don’t faint. Venus is conjunct the part of Fortune on this day and an opportunity to connect with someone special may arise.

A friend can surprise you looking for you and open the opportunity for a very special evening. With Fortune you have to let yourself go as it usually appears in mysterious circumstances, so don’t think about it too much and take the opportunity.

Thanks to a good current coming from Jupiter, you should experience a day of marital embellishment. If, however, you notice that things are not going well, that obstacles are piling up and that misunderstandings are settling in your relationship, seriously ask yourself how to remedy these temporary problems. If you are a lonely heart, powerful astral aspects can give you the gift of a beautiful romantic encounter; you will then ignite like tinder.

The Moon is very connected with the body, being in its sign during this day you will feel very energetic and very connected to the well-being of your body. Few signs can do that, so take the opportunity to listen to what he is asking for and give it to him. Jupiter is the ruler of the 6th house of illness and is currently weakened in the sign of Aquarius, so you have to be careful with the nervous energy that rules this sign. Do not stress excessively as this ends up affecting the body.

The Sun and Venus will be positive: one protecting tone and vitality, and the other helping to feel good about yourself, which is one of the best ways to be in good shape. Beware, however, of a slightly sneaky influence that Venus can have. This planet indeed tends to make you very greedy, and you who, as a good native of this sign, already have a solid fork. You will have to restrain yourself, otherwise your silhouette could become rounder!

Work is ruled by the Sun on this day, it is very strong in the house of Money and resources, so we interpret this as a good opportunity to make money from your work. Look for opportunities to stand out in what you do, not just comply for compliance, but try to give your best. That is the solar energy shining within you. Beware of confidences! You risk having your best ideas taken over by others who compete with you. Keep silent, because “everything can be probed, except the silence of a man.”

Money and Luck
The Sun is in the sign of Leo, ruling your 2nd house of money and resources. This is an excellent sign to generate money from your effort. Leo likes to do things in such a way that he is recognized as the one who did the best, so you can go through a streak in which you generate money but the most important thing is recognition for your effort. For the natives of the second decan, their sense of business, financial transactions will seem somewhat blunt. If you are one of those, do not force your talent, wait a few days to find all your gab.

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