Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 23rd October 2019

The positive influences of Venus on your sign leave no native behind. As a couple, you feel in perfect agreement with your spouse.

The discussions are lively and friendly. You know why you are with him: he is your soul mate. Your life together is enjoyable. If you are single, you are not worried today. You understand that true love is not in a moment and that you need a certain amount of brainpower in your relationships.cancer daily horoscope 23rd october 2019

If you persist in the path that you are currently following, you may be faced with a small health problem that will force you to take some rest.

You are under the evil influence of Jupiter and your defense system is weakened. Listen carefully to the recommendations that may be made to you or it will have detrimental consequences for the projects you have planned for the coming weeks. Do not try to do too much, take care and all of this will be soon behind you.

Money and Luck
The natives of the third decan will receive excellent news on the professional level. If you are looking for a job, you are likely to have won a job interview or have your training request finally validated.

In the post, a nice promotion could be proposed to you. In any case, a new challenge is emerging and, with him, nascent ambitions. Moreover, prospects like these are essential for the continuation of your activity: they nourish you and make you progress.

Family and Friends
You will sing the chorus of Buddies first. Guided by Uranus, you favor values of friendship and fraternity, sometimes to the detriment of family relationships.

You feel that your family is above all the one you have chosen! Good comrade, you are ready to assist a friend in need and you manifest before even being asked. We can count on you, you are a precious friend.

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