Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Today is a day in which the Moon will be especially intense and strong, being the sign ruled by it, there is a strong possibility that you may feel too intensely on this day. The emotions of others, whether positive or negative, can affect you with great intensity, try to give yourself time in peace at the end of the day to download everything you have absorbed.

A day with intense emotions, the Moon is in your sign and with the greatest strength of the month while opposing Pluto in the couple’s house, so there can be a lot of intensity and even conflicts.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Wednes...
Cancer Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Today is a day in which your emotional intensity can fully confront your partner, causing a conflict. You have to understand that all this is a product of the sensitivity you have at the moment, so you have to avoid getting too attached to the situation. To cleanse yourself of excess emotional baggage that you can accidentally take on this day, I recommend taking a bath or at least a shower to release all negativity.

The Moon opposition to Pluto confronts you with your deepest fears, from loneliness to being used can come to the fore on this day. Take advantage of this transit to work with your partner on any matter that worries you or causes you discomfort, instead of facing each other in conflict, try to grow for it.

The emotional intensity you are feeling can easily turn into passion if you know how to handle your cards properly. The Moon is also applying in a sextile to Venus so intimate encounters can happen, especially with people you already know and feel something for them. The problem with this combination is that it can be a bit passive so you want the other to do everything to please you instead of giving on your part. Remember, love is like the trapeze, it takes everyone’s participation to be able to hold your partner’s hand when he comes flying towards you.

This sensitivity that you have today can affect you especially in the stomach, you have to take care of how you process your emotions since it is in this organ that we end up managing our anger and sadness. When you say “I can’t swallow such a person” you are being figurative, but in reality you are indicating that the emotion that it produces in you cannot be processed properly. Pay attention on this day to these movements.

It is a time to take initiative and take your work life in the direction you want, the Sun is in your 1st house of personality, asking you to decide what to do in your work. If you want to continue where you are, you need to take actions in which you demonstrate your value to the bosses in order to be recognized. On the other hand, if what you decide is that it is time to be your own boss, go ahead with your project because the stars smile on you to do it. Just don’t jump into the void without first being prepared to start your business.

Money and Luck
Your finances are regulated by the Sun in this period and this is in the sign that rules, Leo. So in general it is a good financial period in which there will be excellent opportunities to make money. You just have to overcome your fears and not overthink things.

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