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General Cancer Characteristics

Those born in the fourth house of the zodiac, have general characteristics of Cancer, strongly influenced by its planet regidor that is the moon, and its precious stone that in this case is the pearl. Its color is silver and white, its metal is silver, and the element in which they move is Water. The animal that represents them is the crab and their numbers are 1 and 6. Their ideal day is Monday which is the day dedicated to the moon. Although the moon is not an astronomically speaking planet for astrological effects it is considered as one, due to the strong influence it has on all people, especially those born between June 22 and July 22,  Cancerians.

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How is a cancer

On the positive side: A cancer is emotional and affectionate, protective and sympathetic. A Cancer has a lot of imagination and intuition. You know to be cautious when needed. They like their house, the countryside, the children. He likes to enjoy his hobbies and likes parties.Cancer also likes romance.

Your behavior. The general characteristics of cancer, make people born in the fourth house of the zodiac, have some characteristics characteristic of each other, such characteristics can put people of cancer in deep states of solitude and enjoy greatly the tranquility of their personal space , The silence and the calm, arriving to appear somewhat solitary and hermits.

The crab is an extremely shy animal, which is why people who have it as an animal patron, are generally in deep reflection and before any threat or imminent danger take refuge in the tranquility of their own shell, disappearing from the world for days Or weeks, regardless of the concern of others for their existence.

They have very deep feelings, that is why when they cry, they really cry, when they laugh they do it because their heart can not stand the urge to do it anymore and when they love they are so sincere that they become the best sentimental companions that anyone could find , With great qualities of listening and understanding without judging.

They hate change, and even more so if they are sudden because of their insecurity and all the fears that flood them and make them restrain themselves and often guarded not to face what could be a big risk.

Regent planet. The Moon gives great part of the general characteristics of Cancer, being this one of the one that has more influence in the behavior of the water reason why its influence in a sign of water how cancer is very strong.

The moon is the planet that has more relation with the maternal side, with finding the center of everything under a shield of protection and security that offers to all the beings that are born under the sign of cancer, making of these people protective and reliable, Although a little withdrawn and timid are excellent friends as the moon gives them the power of trust, to be able to keep secrets and to comfort anyone who needs it.

Although it is a little unstable and can generate different moods very changing, always one of the general characteristics of cancer granted by this planet is the calm and the ability to see things with serenity and much analysis.
On the downside: Cancer tends to be moody, often calculating, disorderly and self-pitying. They change mood and are too susceptible. He struggles to leave a situation.

A cancer does not like failure, advice or conflict situations. He does not like people who do the opposite, nor do they tell him what to do.

Cancer Overview

The character of a cancer is the least clear of all the signs of the zodiac. A cancer can be from shy and boring to bright and famous. Cancer is conservative and loves the safety and warmth of your home. In fact for men’s cancer, their home is like a nest, a haven to go when the stress of their work is too much. The home of a Cancer tends to be his personal refuge rather than a showcase to dazzle others.
A cancer understands that there are times to be sociable and other times to be lonely. This is one of the contradictions in his character. From the outside they seem resolute, resilient, stubborn, tenacious, energetic, wise and intuitive. However those who know them from intimacy can see a totally different kind of person – someone sensitive especially to the people he wants. Cancer knows how to identify with the situation of others because of their great imaginative capacity. Sometimes they are too many fantasies and pretend to build their life according to a romantic ideal. They like art, music and literature and, above all, dramatic arts and action.

Cancer has considerable literary or artistic talent. Your personal challenge is to reconcile your inner conflict. On the one hand they love to be extroverts, on the other they have a tendency to withdraw. If they manage to reconcile both sides, they are able to inspire a whole generation, especially young people, with their ideas.

A cancer has an excellent memory, especially by personal events and childhood memories that are able to remember the most detail. Cancer is conditioned by memories of the past and by the imagination of the future.

Sign cancer has many potential faults. They may have a tendency towards a disorder, an inferiority complex. They feel frequently alluded to, and often by imagined causes with no real foundation, and they like too much the flattery of others. They are ambitious. They can easily change profession, loyalties and even their opinion about people.

Cancer and work

Its great capacity makes a cancer can succeed in all types of profession. They are interested in the opinions of others and can become excellent journalists, writers or politicians (although they may change their affiliation at some point). They can work in the public sector successfully. Cancer people are very homey and this helps them to be great cooks or housewives. They are also good managers.