Cancer | Friday, August 2, 2019, | Daily Horoscope and Tarot Card Reading

You are very intuitive and intelligent and as such you must always proceed, especially now in which you are approached by some stubborn and dominant people who will try to impose their views at all costs.

Live life because if you try to solve everyone’s problems and carry the circumstances of others on your back then you would end up overwhelmed and complicated, full of burdens that have nothing to do with you. The characteristic psychic perception of your cancer sign will help you feel more and more in control of situations.

The lesson that life gives you in these moments is to enjoy more fullness and emotional security because now you have good planetary energy on your side and the love that seemed distant to you closer than other times.

It is the ideal time for surgery and hospital admission. Do not fear, everything is as it should be. If you are postponing a treatment that you do not like how you feel the energy to undertake it successfully.

Prepare your work applications and cheer up because there is good news on your horizon. If you are unemployed and you are worried about your economic situation, a very promising stage begins where you can easily find work.

Money and Luck
You should be more direct and exercise security when raising your concerns because if you hesitate in your approaches you could be taken by an inconsistent person and raise fears in your business partners or co-workers.

The horoscope and tarot for Cancer on this, Friday, August 2, 2019, warn you of a crossroads or a situation where you will have to choose wisely.

The arcane of “The Lovers” refers to an important dilemma. Two equally attractive paths for you from which you can only choose one. Do not rush into your choice and think, reflect, because the decision is irrevocable.

Analyze that it suits you, that it is better for you and not only now, but in the long run, in-depth.

The most important thing is not only that you choose properly, but that you remain firm in your choice.

Cancer does not need its space although it is possible that it needs to be confined from time to time.

The Cancerians live simultaneously in reality and in their own illusions, and it is precisely in them where they heal and regain strength to continue living and fighting.

Sometimes, if they have suffered some severe emotional setback, they isolate themselves in privacy to think and recover, sleeping, making quiet plans that comfort them.

When they have a partner or find someone special, they are prone to create a common space where they can be together and enjoy company and privacy at the same time.

But it is not a sign that disappears because, yes, it needs the freedom to flow or recover forces alone as other signs. They will always maintain certainties with theirs.

What to do if a Cancer man wants to make you jealous
Do not be surprised if a Cancer man wants to make you jealous. It is a habitual attitude due to their insecurity and fears.

In spite of all that they have to offer, the Cancerians doubt very much of the veracity of the feelings of the other person, of whether their love is sincere, of why they have chosen him and of a thousand more questions that torment him.

For this reason, a Cancer man will seek to awaken those feelings in you, to corroborate the strength of the relationship.

More than a strategy it is a kind of test to confirm that you really love him, that you are afraid of losing him and that you value the relationship you have with him.

Now, he won’t pretend to flirt with anyone for real, nor be unfaithful beyond mere speculation, so don’t worry.

What to do if a Cancer woman wants to make you jealous
The Cancer woman despite her way of being insecure and fearful does not want to make the person she loves jealous.

What happens is that it is too good, empathic and close. He likes to get along with everyone and has a hard time getting people away from his life even if he has to.

If another man declares or insinuates her, she will not follow the game and will make it clear that she has a partner or is meeting someone special, but she will not stop talking to him because she will value him as a person and will be flattered.

That can cause jealousy in that special person but it is not your intention. You just have to learn to be tougher or set more defined limits, but your heart is too big for that.


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