Cancer Health Horoscope 25 April 2017

Cancer Health Predictions Horoscope 25 April 2017

Many times in the past you have neglected and become sedentary which has harmed you considerably. Movement is as important to your life as food, rest and activity in general. Do not neglect your regime since in that balance or balance is the secret to keep in shape at all times.

During this final cycle of April with the direct action of Venus and your ruler, the Moon in transit through the fire element, you are in the ideal moment to put everything in perspective.

You are going to leave behind stubborn or rigid attitudes and seriously propose to make all those changes that will attract love and money to your present, without regretting you for a past that you already lived and it is best to take it as a source of experiences.

Once mistakes are acknowledged and amended, there is nothing to fear or regret. Everything is happening as it should be and you will see it soon. Focus your attention on what is relevant and leave the secondary in the background. Take care of your health

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