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Your body is revitalized and if you take good advantage of your day you will arrive at the night satisfied by everything done to improve your health. A wave of recovery invades you this weekend and experiencing it feel vitality, energy and desires to live. The solution of practical problems positively affects your nervous system with the influence of the Moon and if you have been suffering from anxiety or depressive states caused by certain economic difficulties today you start to recover and improve your health.cancer health today We go with Cancer, the sign of the crab, to analyze their health. In them it is seen that the stomach is governed by the sign. This brings both women and men born under the sign of Cancer a strong attraction to the world of food. Both will share a strong interest in this sector so important for society, be very attentive to possible excesses that can bring great health risks. It is for this main reason that this sign can suffer digestion problems, diseases in this area and possible problems related to the chest are usually common within the sign.

Cancer natives usually have a very emotional mentality, this can bring moments of melancholy, which makes them very sensitive and prone to possible depressions and moments of extreme emotional tension. It is because of this attitude that you can see in them a clear and strong taste for staying in bed late with your cup of milk or tea in the company of a good book. This marks a clear path away from sports which can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that is not beneficial to health.

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And if to this we add his great love towards the sweet and appetizing snacks the way to the overweight is well marked in the sign, to be very attentive to look for the physical balance to avoid possible health problems, are many problems that can bring The heavy excesses of weight and obesity. The main problem of diseases in Cancer are those related to the mind and emotions, the concern in them can be stronger than in other signs of the zodiac as well as pressure and emotional tensions.

This causes them stomach problems, possible ulcers, problems with the gallbladder, gastritis and strong nausea that can make life difficult for Cancer. The fundamental mineral for the sign is Calcium and fluoride, hence calcium fluoride is the main salt for this sign of the zodiac. Good nutrition in them will take shelter in vegetables such as red tomatoes and beets, carrots and lettuce will be others that will generate good energy in the sign.

Fruits such as apple and bananas will also be of great importance, red berries such as cherry and strawberries will be very good for the health of the sign. Eggs should be in their diets, and dairy like yogurt will be very beneficial to them. Attentive to the levels of fat and to the good intake of proteins and vitamins that will be keys for the balance of the sign. We also see the paramount importance of practicing exercise in the Cancer crab, which is recommended to use this very regularly.