Cancer Horoscope in the Month of August 2019

This August for the Cancer horoscope, you will be influenced by the 2 New Moons (1 and 30) and the Full Moon of 15. Most importantly money and your work. Lucky numbers for August: 1-2-3-7-8-16-17-26-27-30-31.

Love will remain unstable. Go tactfully with your partner throughout the month, because at the minimum they could jump sparks. The energy does not flow and it is as if you speak different languages. But calm, because in the last week of the month, your relationship will begin to improve. If you are single, it is not a month to fall in love, but rather to go out and have a good time and have fun.

Social Life
August will be a month of little social life. You will prefer to stay at home resting or chatting with family or your friends forever. You’ll like more the exchange of ideas, quiet dinners than big parties and debauchery.

The money will be the most important of the month. You will have a very good intuition for finances, so if you have money to invest, do not hesitate, because it is the right time. You will be lucky in the Games of Chance. Do not forget to play the Lottery or similar. It will touch you a good pinch. They could also promote you in your work, without you asking. And you could get money from your parents or grandparents. This ends at the end of the month. You will receive an unexpected amount of money, which will make your August happy.

At work you will continue to do well, but if you want it to go better and better, use your gift of people and your great communicative power, to make yourself known, to sell your company or your products and attract more and more customers, which will make you earn more money. If you work for a company, it’s the same. This is a month to attract customers and sell them your projects or products

The family will be reunited and calm. It is a period of harmony and stability in the home. For you, it will be a relief not to have to worry about them and be able to focus on your work.

Health will be very good. You will continue with the normal pace of life without the slightest effort. Do not forget to exercise daily and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

If you are a student you will get very good grades. If you are already an adult and have passed this phase of a student, it would be a good month to do workshops on topics of your interest, attend talks and seminars. You will be very receptive and focused.


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