Cancer Horoscope Monday April 10, 2017, Reflect, do not run so much

Cancer Horoscope Prediction Monday April 10, 2017 Reflect, do not run so much Mercury is retrograde!

Love brings good things in this period, so if you are meeting someone or hoping to do it, you could have a very long relationship with this new person, do not miss the opportunity to love again, you deserve it.

You are not paying attention to your inner desires and this is being noticed, as you are likely to see some defeats in projects that you tried to pull out, but which were not really to your liking.

You have in mind something very big to do, but you probably lack the money to carry it out, you must give yourself the task today to look for financing methods for what you have in your head a long time ago.

The work brings great projects to do in the future and today you will see the first steps of it, you probably feel that many doors are opening for you, so you should try not to let them close.
Cancer Horoscope Monday 10 April 2017 Lucky numbers for today: 5, 7, 25, 46, 47, 48

Use your intuition to know if you are facing a real business opportunity, be careful, be prudent. If your partner is Leo they will both be very willing to experiment in new love forms. Try a leisure getaway (or plan it together). He will act in correspondence with these words, it is in his nature to be successful. That creative Universe of which we are part, with the intention to recreate and to draw our particular path, our conscious life and our future in abundance, wealth, happiness and shared growth. Ask yourself today: At what point in my life did I relegate myself to comply, just fulfill?

Define well what you want to do and do not hesitate as much as it is not convenient when there are retrograde planets in the horoscope. This Monday keep a clear distinction between your immediate goals and projects, that is, the ones you must do right away, and the mediums, or the long term, between your needs and desires. Sit back, check how you are driving your economy and work, your personal relationships. Reflect, take time for yourself, calm down. Everything you need to know is inside you, Cancerian.

Cancer Horoscope Love, Health, Money, Family Monday April 10, 2017

  • Love Cancer Horoscope Monday April 10, 2017

Today is not going to succeed in love. He has his head on other things. If you have a partner, you could have some anger. The Moon enters the sign of Libra and begins the retrograde transit of Mercury by Taurus. Now, in addition to Mercury, the planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will be retrograde. The planetary wave that surrounds you draws to your mind ideas that can disturb you. Do not feel guilty if sexual or loving fantasies arise with third parties. As long as you do not materialize those imaginative flirtations you have not committed any infidelity. Rather take them as a token of your vitality and fertile Cancerian imagination.

  • Health Cancer Horoscope Monday 10 April 2017

The excesses will take a toll on you. You should take better care of your health. You’re suggestible, so beware! If you suffer from a chronic condition and someone comes to you to propose a medicine you do not know, do not go to administer it without consulting your doctor or an authorized and competent health professional.

  • Cancer Horoscope Work Monday, April 10, 2017

Look today at work, because you will have to do with an unsatisfied client or boss. Arm yourself with courage and sympathy, to get out of this bravely, though do not worry, because you will know to find the perfect excuse. Although it seems to you that your daily efforts are going unnoticed the reality is different and in a short time your employers will be considering you for a new position or for a trip related to your work, very promising and interesting, Cancerian.

  • Money and fortune Cancer Horoscope Monday 10 April 2017

Good time to achieve your monetary and work goals, face them. There is a favorable economic movement associated with children and also pets and the elderly. If in one way or another you are linked in activities with them you will increase your income and you will derive much personal satisfaction. If you are looking for work orientate your search in that direction.

  • Friendship Cancer Horoscope Monday 10 April 2017

The strong theme of the day is communication. Say all you have to say, your friends will take it well and listen to you. You have important ideas to convey and to share.

  • Family Cancer Horoscope Monday 10 April 2017

Today you are going to have to solve some problem for a relative of yours. Trust in yourself and you can not fail.

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