Cancer Horoscope Today 11th May 2022

This is because Mars is positioned over your 1st house, severely affecting your personality and the way you express your emotions; which will take on a rather red tint because you will feel very sensitive and you will respond to anything with some courage or anger. Therefore take a deep breath each time you feel anger rising within you and allow your relaxed mind to act and not your emotions.

Your mind is maturing rapidly and your ideologies are evolving towards much more modern, practical and effective ones because Saturn within the sign of Aquarius in your 8th house is allowing the evolution and transformation of your mind. Just avoid falling into conservatism and outdated ideas because it is a risk that you can have with Saturn in this very intellectual sign.


Pluto in Capricorn tells us that the people you used to like for couples will no longer be the same because your tastes and preferences have matured and now it is possible that you are more interested in the physique and the solvency that they manifest; do not forget that good emotions are basic for love.

Your interests in the spiritual are strong and by having Neptune above the sign of Pisces they will be even more so. Take advantage of the fact that it is positioned from your 9th house and learn with a teacher about these topics that excite and intrigue you so much and you will see that the results will be very positive for your life.

You will be more serious than usual in your relational and social life, now is the perfect time to seek to consolidate your ties and deepen the last dialogues that have remained unresolved. This Wednesday, May 11th, you can enjoy better relationships. It’s time to weave new projects. You take a significant lead on what you need to do, it’s the best way to move on to more pleasant things.


The affection and enjoyment will come from being able to express yourself without hesitation and that the people to whom you communicate what you feel are trustworthy and loyal, since Scorpio from your house 5 tells us that having a union with your house 1 is going to be something that you enjoy personality level and that if you enjoy love it will be difficult for you to hide it.

Lovers, friends and family, everyone strives to please you, if you feel suffocated by too many attentions, slow down the frequency of visits. Savor the good times without remorse but enjoy too! In a Relationship: In a Relationship your feelings gain in depth, your partner proves to you once again that you can trust.

You could start discussing an ambitious project together, if you have any doubts, don’t talk about it right away. Single: You could quickly fall in love with someone and have a little romance together. Even if the Moon favorably boosts your love projects, the urge to drop everything without really thinking about the consequences would be unconscious.


It is time for you to dust off that treadmill or that bicycle that you have in the garage and use them because your legs need exercise due to so much sedentary lifestyle that you have had; Well, Sagittarius from your 6th house tells us that the thighs are the area that he governs and which you may be prone to being very sensitive to; to avoid it, exercise will be your best weapon.

What a pleasure to have a good time with your loved ones! You invite your best friends and your new relations to dinners warmly orchestrated by you and during which you discuss everything.


Your higher education or empirical or technical knowledge will allow you to shine today showing your passion for what you do and being a good example of a capable and reliable worker because your 6th house in the sign of Sagittarius tells us that the wisdom that you have will be your best company today.

You are all the more pleasing when your words ardently serve your cause and when you communicate your convictions with ardor and sensitivity. You hit the nail on the head and your speeches win the support of your admirers conquered in advance by your breathtaking charisma.

Money This day allows you to better focus on your financial projects. New ideas come to you spontaneously, share them with experienced people. Talk about it and take useful information in order to follow the best path possible.

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