Cancer Horoscope Today Predictions 20 April 2017

You are thinking a lot about a new person who has entered your life and it is likely that she also feels a great attraction towards you, speak to her as soon as possible.

The person you think is with you may be thinking of leaving you, ask him whether these are his intentions, since it is very likely that you have noticed his change of attitude.

It is not too early to ask for a more serious commitment, if everything is going well with a person you are meeting, you will always receive an affirmative answer when you see the signs that what you are carrying is serious and well directed towards the future.

Remember that you should not do to another what you would not like them to do to you, so if you are realizing that with your actions you are starting to hurt someone, you’d better think about apologizing for it, if not You can give face for various reasons, then stop doing what is causing this evil.

From today that begins to govern a new sign in the zodiac, that is, Taurus, of the earth element, very close to you that you are of water you will see how everything will be reevaluated and revaluated in your mind. You are still in time to live an intense night of passion that shows that special person the interest that inspires you. It is not necessary to finish in a day which requires more time. You will receive a pleasant surprise from a good friend and even a confession that you did not think to hear, but that will put you in a good mood at all times.

Cancer Horoscope Today Predictions 20 April 2017 Love, Health, Work and Luck

Today, the Moon, who is your regent, travels through the sign of Aquarius and begins to rule the sign of Taurus at 21:28 hours – universal time. The planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn continue retrograde. Cheer up, Cancerian, do what your heart is telling you and do not leave for tomorrow those words that you must say today and that will significantly change the pace of your life. Love is real, do not fret, apprehensions do not lead anywhere.

If you are participating in a sport competition you have the energy of your ruler the Moon combined with Mars, planet of strength and dynamism, and you can easily conquer the first places. Take advantage of this cosmic dynamic to concentrate more on your affairs and carry out your plans.

There are many things you plan to do and you have not just decided, but today you must take the reins of your work destiny in your hands and finish with pending issues, put everything in its place and act with disposition and energy leaving nothing Pending since in the measure that you concentrate on the priority you will gain ground in everything.

Money and Luck
If you need extra money do not worry because these days there are going to be opportunities that will allow you to earn something extra, a kind of additional entry that will increase your finances and help you plan a good vacation.

Cancer Lucky Numbers for Today 20 April 2017: 3, 19, 29, 41, 42, 49.

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