Cancer Horoscope Today Sunday April 23 2017

Cancer Horoscope Sunday April 23 2017: A weekend with sentimental surprises

You have outstanding obligations in your work that today you will pass the bill, do not let this happen and begins to take work times more seriously.

In your work you will have a big challenge today, it is likely that you must have extra energy to overcome the difficulties that come for the day, do not let this affect you in all other areas of your life where you must also respond .

This is a great cycle to rectify something that was done wrong. Take advantage of a recent experience to overcome your mistakes and move forward, Cancerian.

In your sentimental life there is a touch of joy with the visit of a loved one to the family or a prize well deserved. Something important: now begins the weeks before your birthday cycle that will begin in June, and from next May, about to start in a few days, you will feel enveloped by a passionate and intense wave that will help you eliminate from your Life that does not suit you and project you to the future with safe passage.

The most important moment of the day will come to a person who loves you and who has been with you for a long time, is likely to have a beautiful day together and receive all your support in a problem that has caused you some pain in the past.

You are in an excellent moment to take risks and to fight for what you want, if you dedicate yourself to business you are likely to see a little competition today, do not let yourself be defeated by those who want to see you fall, you must fight hard and You will win.

Cancer Horoscope Love, Health and work Sunday April 23 2017

Today the Moon, your ruler, is still in transit through Pisces. The planet Mars has begun its transit to the sign of Gemini, direct. The planets Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde. The encounters that arise today may indicate the beginning or the end of a relationship. Keep the communication channels very open with the person you are interested in and you will get out of doubts and anguish because what has happened is possibly the result of the retrograde action of Mercury, planet of communications.

If you feel weak, the time has come to put your many internal resources to work. The current planetary energy will help you to strengthen yourself and improve your health. Medications are not always needed to counteract a condition, sometimes just a simple change of routine and everything is improved.

The area of ​​public service as well as commerce and social work are very well sponsored. If you are looking for a job in that direction you will feel comforted and happy to know that you will have the opportunity to work in any task that you assume now that you are in a very dynamic and active tone.

Money and Luck
Take a part of this weekend to evaluate how you are investing your money and how you receive your income, the way you distribute them and your economic relationship in general, you will be astonished at everything you make clear with that reflection and What you achieve in a short time.

Cancer Horoscope Sunday April 23 2017 Today lucky numbers: 3, 17, 18, 24, 40, 49.

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