Cancer Horoscope Wednesday 18th May 2022

This day you will feel selfless, you do not need many material things to be happy in life. You can get closer to a religion or mystical practices. You may be prone to being taken advantage of because of your compassionate nature. For now you will feel very well alone, in isolation enjoying your space or in contact with your thoughts. It is the energy generated by Jupiter in Pisces.

The key to avoiding self-destructive behavior is moderation through the use of self-control. This isn’t easy if you feel a compulsive urge to keep going, which can start as a nervous, uneasy feeling in your stomach.


Your instinct then is to find the quickest and easiest way to feel calm and calm again. I’m sure you’ll find healthy ways to replace the naughty old quick fixes. It is the energy of the Moon in opposition to Jupiter.

Venus in Gemini is a natural flirt and they have a way of making your partner think about how much fun they have with you. You may not always tell your partner the whole truth, but you are not really dishonest. You are more likely to commit a fault in the relationship by omission than by lying.

The trine of the Sun to Pluto allows you to exert great power and influence over other people without consciously wanting it. In fact, this power, which is most often used for good, may be a subconscious action. Talent is most often seen in your career, where a large number of people can be positively reached by your good energy.


Due to the passage of Venus in Gemini, you will have to make an effort to be fun with the person you love. You need to be very open in the way you communicate with her, so it’s okay to tell her everything that’s on your mind.


In health, Sagittarius unloads his energy in your 6th house, and with that aspect you are more likely to struggle with your eyes and sciatica than the rest of the signs of the zodiac. Your adventurous spirit usually puts your hips, legs and nerves at risk, unfortunately the picture is complicated by some rather weak eyes.


In matters of work Sagittarius in your 6th house brings you optimism, sincerity and creativity. It is the happiest sign of the zodiac, so you tend to be almost always in a good mood, boredom is something you cannot deal with, so routine jobs do not go with you for now, yours will be the occupations where you have to travel or supervise , or you will also be an excellent representative or salesperson.

Money and Luck With Leo in your house 2 you will only see money go by, because Leo really likes luxury, living surrounded by fine furniture, jewelry, elegant clothes and going on trips to extravagant hotels. And, as if that were not enough, he is one of those who spends a large part of his money on meetings with friends and family. You like to earn money, but as soon as it arrives, you spend it.