Cancer Horoscope weekly April 3 to 9, 2017

Cancer Horoscope weekly April 3 to 9, 2017

Work: Let the imagination fly, buy a fantasy novel and relax in that world, while reading leaves the problems and concerns at a conscious level, however the brain continues to work, but without the obstacle of their permanent pressure, fears and confusion, leave Work quietly on your brain while distracting yourself with some science fiction. Keep your plans and projects private.

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Very intensified their enthusiasm and leadership power these days thanks to Mars, take advantage to advance in business, in some project postponed, to take the lead of a group or to take the reins of their relationship and life in general. More and better achievements await him if he manages to his heart, his goals and his spirit of fighter.

Love: Your sex and your intimate life will be going through the best moment, to the point of having to double care, if you do not want to have a child. Renewable energies begin to appear in your life, you must be attentive, every day miracles are manifested that illuminate the way. Act wisely, keep in mind that many times you see only what you want to see and not reality. Open your eyes and try to put yourself in the shoes of others before making the decision you need to take today. Marriage difficulties are the order of the day, do not end the day with a fight that leads to nothing.

Health: The evils that afflict you will pass quickly, do not disregard the advice of those who are your greatest affections. Older people will come to your aid. Improve your mood if you can take a few days off. Try to get things done, opportunities are taken advantage of and so you will not waste anything that the Universe gives you, day by day: the opportunity to progress and grow in material and spiritual wealth. Dance and music are very liberating … and can reach, from their practice to know or find paths of life that previously remained hidden.

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