Cancer in 2019

Cancer in 2019 | Horoscope and Predictions of full Year

2019 is going to be a year of challenges, a very hard year. You are able to face them and overcome them. Moods, feelings and emotions take second place, but if you manage things well and do not avoid challenges, you will emerge as a stronger, healthier and richer person. You will have grown spiritually and in character.

After September 25 there will be a great focus on home, family and emotional issues, something that has always been of great interest to you, but now even more so. A new period of psychological growth and expansion is happening to you.cancer horoscope in 2019

Trips abroad, religion and philosophy begin to be very important this year and for many years to come. There is a great religious upheaval in your life and your mind. You are changing many of these concepts, breaking with tradition in many cases and putting yourself in your religious life. This is a long-term process. For some, this has been happening for a while, but for others it is just beginning.

Your most important interests in 2019 are the body, image, personal appearance, communication and intellectual interests, home, family and emotional interests after September 25 and health and work, the deepest things in life, personal transformation , sexuality, past lives, life after death, reincarnation, religion, philosophy, travel abroad and higher education, according to cancer horoscope 2019.

Your next major milestones are communication and intellectual interests until September 25 at home, family and emotional issues, and after September 25, friendships, group activities, organizations and the astrology.

The worst will be love and finances, the best profession, travel abroad, interest in religion and change your philosophy of life.

Cancer Love 2019
In love you will not be well. If you are single, you will continue to be single, but you will try to go out with conventional people, money, power, entrepreneurs … If you have a girlfriend or you go out with someone, do not marry or make important decisions, because you will end up separated. It is not a good year for weddings.

If you have a partner, it will be a constant struggle to maintain good understanding and dialogue. It will be difficult and disappointing at times. With obstacles and constant tests. You’ve been like this for a while now, and you do not leave from there. In 2019 you will go through hard tests, which you will try to correct in order not to divorce.

It’s something you always try to avoid, because you do not like this kind of failure, but this year will be especially hard. If your relationship is very solid, you will be able to correct what is needed and you will continue, but there will be some Cancer, that despite their commitment, they will not get it and they will end up getting divorced. From the month of December, the thing will begin to be fixed.

In everything concerning sentimental relationships, at least at the beginning of the year, things with your partner will go very well.

They have each learned to know each other and most importantly, they have learned to give in to certain situations, in addition to the feedback that has made the bond between you still intact from the beginning.

It is likely that new doubts will arise among you but if they continue as before, it will not take too long to resolve them. As spring arrives, perhaps the heavy workload will prevent them from continuing to see themselves as they used to.

Fortunately the achievements they have made so far, ensures that the relationship is preserved intact. If at times certain problems arise due to lack of time but you two will know to look for it to be together. By the middle of the year, problems can begin to surface if you do not try to listen to the recommendations of people close to you.

You may be somewhat irritated by various problems but remember that your partner is not to blame for them and there is really no reason to break your anger with him.

A thousand times it is preferable to avoid going on an appointment and giving yourself time to calm you down and attend to problems. Well, already towards the last months of the year, frankly things do not tend to improve.

It has entered a stage where routine is the main factor. This is the time to seriously reassess what you have experienced with your partner and make an important decision as the situation as it is now is virtually unsustainable.

Cancer Social Life 2019
In 2019 you will make a social life, but this will be related to work or profession. Maybe you know them at parties, discos or cocktails, but they will be people related to the business and financial world.

You like power and you are attracted to people with class and money. You always think, that making good social contacts, they can serve you for your profession and your work. Unfortunately, the relationships or friendships that you make this year will be sporadic and most will disappear from your life.

You will feel very attracted to interact with interesting people, special intellectually, scientists, technologists, inventors … People who teach you about topics that you do not know. It would be a shame to undermine your chances of expansion by being enclosed in your armor or camped in your utopian desires. You are keen to take advantage of the dynamic environment that will reign throughout the year to open up to others, increase their popularity, create social support, assert yourself, show your skills and your ambitions. All this demonstrating determination and realism. By looking further, working harder and maintaining a line of conduct, you will realize everything you have envisioned.

Cancer Work 2019
Work and profession are the best of the year 2019. Everything will go well, you will find good job and business opportunities, to start working or to change jobs. Especially from March 7, you will leave the unforeseen behind and start working quietly. There will be no frights or dismissal or anything unpleasant. This year you will feel very sure of yourself, very strong in your convictions and in the decisions, that you have to make.

The little that is changing you will face with energy and are a problem. You will feel very safe in your professional life.

Cancer Money and Luck 2019
Your economy is what will go worse, because it will go wrong and you will have to change your way of saving or investing or administering yourself. This will be due to which 4 of the eclipses will fall into your house of money and that will affect you and produce drastic changes in your economy.

You who always have money and it is easy for you to earn it, but this year it will not be like that. You should be very attentive to all changes that occur, to rectify quickly accordingly. If you want to invest, invest in the real estate sector, family businesses, the hotel industry, restaurants, electricity companies. But as we have already mentioned, there will be rapid and specific changes that will appear. That’s why you’ll have to dedicate yourself to finances, yes or yes.

Neither your 2nd Finance House nor your tenth Career House are Power Houses this year, so you have a lot of room for maneuver in these areas. The Cosmos does not push you in one way or another. You can shape these areas, however you want. The only problem here is that, although you have more freedom, you lack interest. Career and finance will tend toward the status quo.

The Sun is your Money Planet and he is a planet of fast movement. It will move through all the signs and houses of your solar horoscope in a given year. Financial gains and opportunities will come in a variety of ways and means in the next year. Your financial needs will also vary month by month. The financial trends in the next year are short-term and will be discussed in more detail in the monthly forecasts, as predicted by the cancer horoscope 2019.

Job applicants should look close to home in the neighborhood this year. Neighbors and brothers can provide some good work leads or really organize a job. Jobs in the health field look more promising in the next year. After September 25, the employment situation changes again.

This time you can have the opportunity to work from your home, for the family or in a family business. Home-based businesses that make improvements in the home, sell properties, or sell or make furniture are good to apply. Jobs in the glamor industries, such as hairstyling, hairdressing, perfume and fashion, also seem to be good prospects.

A Solar Eclipse on April 19 brings career changes, but mainly for those born late in the Sign, from 10 to 21 July.

Those who employ others should also look in the neighborhood, but I would not be surprised if they bring family members to the business after September 25th.

Your main goal this year, especially after September 25, is to build the psychological infrastructure for your future professional success. It is said that the Earth dreams in the winter and manifests its dreams in the form of exuberant and original foliage in the spring and summer.

Although winter seems bleak, nature is very active on an invisible level, preparing its new products. This is how you are now. You should dream and visualize future professional goals, obtain clarity, do the internal preparation, obtain the correct knowledge so that when the spring of your career arrives, the manifestation is natural.

This is a year that brings new communication equipment for you and probably a new car. After September 25, luxury items for the home (and maybe even a new home) are arriving at their destination.

The brothers prosper and live the good life, but their marriages and love lives are very unstable. The members of the family are thriving. A father (or a parental figure in his life) has an unexpected unexpected gain. He or she will also travel more, as predicted by the cancer horoscope 2019.

Children need to cut costs and get financially healthier. The debt could be a problem for them. Grandchildren of the appropriate age are more interested in personal freedom than in money. They may be unusually rebellious these days. Your lover or spouse will prosper this year, but marketing and sales are unusually important.

Cancer Home and Family 2019
Home and family are not important like other years. It means, that except punctual moments, all your family is well and in your home everything is to your liking. 2019 is going to be a year of great family and friends celebrations. You will enjoy having them at home and entertaining them with good meals and good wines.

In Autumn you could give a review of the decoration of your home. Your parents will go very well financially and you could move out of the house. Your children will do very well. And some of them could move and become independent next year. Domestic and family issues are always a priority for you, but a little less for most of the year, but on September 25, when Jupiter moves into his 4th house, the home and family return to center stage . The transfer of Jupiter to your 4th House is basically a happy transit for home life. It shows the happiness of the family and a good family support for its objectives. It often shows a change to a larger residence or an expansion of the current house or the purchase of additional homes, according to cancer horoscope 2019.

There is the fortunate purchase or sale of a house and the property in general brings good fortune. The new revelation of a spiritual principle, something you always knew but did not know how to apply, often solves family or emotional problems. Suddenly, as if by magic, everything is clear to you.

Under a transit of Jupiter, luxury items tend to come for the home. New furniture or new equipment (probably related to health). Many of you will establish offices in the home and have the opportunity to earn from home. Family members tend to thrive too, as predicted by the cancer horoscope 2019.

The family circle is extended in 2019 (and until next year). There are new births, marriages in the family or the meeting of people who are like a family to you. Those who are far from their biological families often connect with their spiritual families under this transit.

Jupiter is your planet of health. His move to his 4th house shows that he is working to make the home a healthier place. The health hazards will be eliminated. You are more careful with the food that the family eats. Buy health devices. Some of you will install exercise equipment and the like. The purity of the air and water supply becomes an important interest.

A solar eclipse on October 14 shows the main and long-term changes in the home and the domestic pattern. Often, this indicates the sale or purchase of the home or the need to perform major repairs and renovations. In the short term it is harmful, but in the long term the result is good.

Venus, your Family Planet, will make a rare retrograde movement from June 17 to June 29. This is not a time to make important decisions about the home, sell or buy a house or make major investments in the home. This is a period of investigation but not of action.

Cancer Health 2019
Health will have to be taken care of if you want to have energy, to be able to live up to it and work in conditions. The more you rest and sleep, the more energy you will have, the more strength you will have and the less disease you will have. The good thing is that you are seen taking care of your diet, your lifestyle is healthy and this means that you will be less vulnerable to stress.

You must take care of the stomach, the heart avoiding the annoyances and the anxiety. A Detox diet from time to time will help you keep your intestines and liver clean and in perfect condition. Do not forget to massage your entire body, to feel more relaxed and in good condition.

When you feel low in energy, take the sun, that will give you the energy you need to recover. The saunas, Turkish baths, you also feel good. If you have to travel, travel to warm countries or regions. Your body will react better and you will rest more.

Health will be more delicate this year, but with a strong sixth house, you are aware of things and give health problems the importance they deserve. This is a good sign. You will not let things get out of control and become big problems.

A simple transit of Saturn by itself (which is what is happening this year) is not enough to cause illness, but it tends to reduce overall vitality and if you get too tired or ignore your body, you become more susceptible. This is a year to observe your physical energy.

Recognize your physical limits and stay within them. Manage your time and energy in a more efficient way. Simple common sense will avoid many problems. Rest when you are tired. Delegate responsibility whenever possible. Do not try to burn the candle at both ends.

Since the new burdens and responsibilities are coming to you, it is necessary to clearly discern which are the true and the real ones. The tendency is to begin to accept everything as their responsibility, and this would be wrong, although perhaps the most noble in many cases.

It is wonderful to have high and noble moral standards, but the Cosmos has other ideas. Your limits will dictate your responsibilities. It would be good if each of us could feed the whole world and eliminate hunger, but as individuals is beyond our limits, then we must devise other ways to help.

The Cosmos never demands more than one person than its ability at any given time. It is advisable to remember this while being bombarded with new duties. Do your best and then let it go.

Like last year, this is a time to get self-concept and self-esteem in order. If your concept of yourself and your abilities is unrealistically high, Saturn will give you control of reality. If it is unrealistically low, Saturn will raise it.

Saturn in your own Sign and the 1st House will make you more capable of assuming discipline and dietary regimes. A very good year to lose weight. Pluto in your sixth health home is also helping you in that department.

Your health planet, Jupiter, will be in the sign of Virgo health conscious for most of the year. This is also a sign of positive health and reinforces everything we have said before.

Your Health Planet in the 3rd house (until September 25) shows that mental health is a vital factor in physical health. You need to feed your mind with the right nutrition just as you give your body the nutrition it needs. Now it is good to read the great writers, poets and sacred writings of all cultures, according horoscope of cancer 2019.

The mind feeds on wisdom and truth. Make sure your speech is positive and constructive, especially when you talk about your body and organs. Always praise and think good thoughts about them. Avoid excessive speech, wasteful speech, as this will consume the energy you need the body.

Emotional health is always a priority for you, but on September 25, when Health Planet moves to your fourth home, it becomes even more important. Most likely, if health problems arise, come from family or domestic disharmonies. Try to clarify those things before taking drastic measures.

Pluto, the Ruler of your 5th House of Happiness, Entertainment, Love and Sons Affairs, has been in your sixth house of health for many years. This shows many things. A creative hobby, the expression of your personal creativity has positive health benefits. The health of children is a concern.

You are as concerned with your health as with yours, but the most important thing is that it shows that joy itself is the great healer and given that the trend this year will be of “great seriousness”, do not forget the joy of life. Try to enjoy your responsibilities. Try to make them look like a game.

Think of the problems of life as a crossword or logic problem to solve, and think of the satisfaction that arises when you solve a problem. A night out in the city, in many cases, will do as much for you as a visit to a health professional.

Cancer Personal Evolution 2019
2019 will be a year of challenges, improvement and personal growth, from which you will emerge stronger. You can perfectly, face them, reflect and be successful of any challenge, which does not mean that it will not be difficult and cumbersome. Especially from March 7, things will get difficult until December 2020: the economy, health, love.

You will see religion in a different way and by analyzing it, you will change your beliefs and evolve spiritually. Your philosophy of life will change and the way you manage your emotions too. This is very important, because it means, that everything in life you will take it differently, because it will go through a different filter. You will experience instability and changes in love and friends, in the way of living them and this is a world. You will change a lot during this year.

Cancer Studies 2019
If you are a student, you will have a hard year, but if you try hard, you will achieve good results. The topics of interest reading of the year will be religion and spirituality. Suddenly you will perceive religion in a different way and it will make you reflect. All this and after deepening in certain readings, will lead you to spiritual growth.

Some opportunities
From the beginning of November until December 2, 2019, Jupiter should offer you some great opportunities to change your pace, your job, to get a promotion or (e) to evolve more fully in your activities! Some Cancer see the emergence, this year, of new projects, or even of another direction of life; others, the possibility of opening the doors from the moment they cease to overestimate their strength or capacity. For many, it will be a matter of re-adjusting their relationship with the outside world, with others (partners, colleagues, partners), whether to relate to them or to act with the team, common rules, avoiding being selfish and taking into account both the context and its ambitions!

My Advice
A year that should offer you some great opportunities to make progress, but not without testing your ability to dose your energy, your ambitions, and manage your relationship! Of course, you are well able to do so and, if you wish, from the end of the year (December), you will be able to establish promising links to follow without delay to success!

By Mary Emma

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