Cancer Love Horoscope Today 26th December 2018

Cancer Love Horoscope Today 26th December 2018

Side hugs, you will not miss. Your spouse or partner could give you all the tenderness you dream of, especially if it’s a native of Libra or Pisces. We will love you very much, which will not displease you.

Single, this configuration of Neptune may cause you to fantasize too much. Beware of illusions: you will tend to idealize any newcomer and to believe too quickly in love. But you will still have pleasant moments.cancer love horoscope today 26 december 2018

It’s time for feelings and seduction! Owl ! You want to express your love, do not deprive yourself of it. The climate is serene in relationships, and harmony reigns. Your need to seduce your spouse wakes up and he appreciates.
As for singles Venus Trine of Venus with Cancer favors encounters. The day is romance and you feel that anything can happen, long live the spring.

These are the stars that mingle your love throughout this day. Love and passion come together to bring you the emotional comfort you are looking for. The slightest opportunity is good to realize your desires.

In couple: If small skirmishes interfered in your life of couple these last days, it is on the pillow that the reconciliation will be done. You will take pleasure in doing so, you love to make peace this way, your partner too.

Single: Love continues on its way. You get out of a complicated love situation. Today, you are snubbing your old stories, new sensations are taking you. Apparently you like that! The astral weather is favorable.

By Mary Emma

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