Cancer Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Cancer Horoscope August 2018 and its predictions
This month of August for the Cancer Horoscope, it will be a very prosperous month. The most important thing is the family, money and work. Lucky numbers for the month of August: 2-3-8-9-10-11-16-17-26-27.

Love will remain the same as last month, bad. In addition, your partner will go through family problems and will be very affected. There is little you can do this month. Leave it, now you have other priorities and you need freedom, take a breath. If you are single, you will go out, you will have fun, but you will not find the love of your life. It’s not the moment.cancer monthly horoscope august 2018

Money takes a lot of importance this month. You will earn a lot of money, which will come from your investments. But on the other hand, the solar eclipse of day 11, will allow you to see other mistakes, that you have made in your financial life and that you had not noticed. The positive is that you can fix it.

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At work, you will be regular because you are getting into new business or unknown topics for you, which deserve your full attention. You do not know how it will come out and you are tense and worried, but you can not do more than what you do. You have to respect the times. You will be much better if you work in sales or on the Internet. You need to make publicity so that what you are mounting, has more repercussion.

Family Life
Focus on the family. Be present, go on a trip during the holidays with them and with the perspective, you will come back with the clearest ideas about work, about your life, about your relationship with your partner and with your recomposed emotional balance.

Social Life
In August you will make social life, but not too much. Between vacations, trips and your time of rest, that you will want to take, you will do less social life than ever. You will give yourself a break. You need to be alone

Health will be good but beware of excesses. The 2nd half is not so good. Fatigue will appear, not to get away. You calm Sleep, read, relax, so you can charge your batteries and recover your energy quickly.

Study and Education
If you are a student you are on vacation and now you do not have to worry. If you live in Latin America, it’s your winter vacation and you do not have to study either.