Cancer Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Cancer love August 2020
Finally an excellent Venus but it arrives in its zodiac sign only around August 8. Until then, it would be better to stay still and not try an approach, but later heaven favors courtship and also predisposition towards new friends.

Go out and do not stay locked up at home, visit unusual, diverse places, because, with this splendid Moon that reaches your sky after a year, you can fall in love, experience various emotions and if you are in a couple the heart will be filled with joy, You can make new plans for the future and be particularly bold under the covers.cancer august monthly horoscope 2020

But be careful, precisely, with love energies that could be too excessive. Mars squaring the zodiac sign Aries suggests a bit of nervousness that clouds the relationship and perhaps even touches the erotic sector. Perhaps you are not so happy with what happens under the covers.

The beginning of Uranus’ retrogradation in the XI House of Cancer (08/15), tells of the distancing of people from the social circle (friends, colleagues), possibly due to misunderstandings and conflicts of interest.

Retrograde Uranus in the Crab House XI can be used to analyze your position in the group of friends, and how it nurtures friendly and collaborative relationships (in the case of colleagues).

Likewise, this transit aims to meditate on the nature of your dreams and aspirations, if you build a strategy that allows you to build them, or only belong to the intangible.

For singles of the sign, the entry of Venus in Cancer (08/08) represents an increase in its charm and natural attractiveness, as well as the desire to find a partner, with whom to establish a relationship.

However, the fact that Mars in House X of Cancer holds squares with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24) retrograde in House VII indicates that there are many self-imposed fears and restrictions to overcome before accepting a more formal commitment.

For Cancer couples, these alignments allude to discussions about the relevance given to professional life, to the detriment of the sentimental life of the native. Empathy and negotiation will be the key to overcoming confrontation.

Finally, do not forget that Juno remains in the IV House of Cancer, which indicates the commitment to cultivate family relationships, and attend to the needs of the domestic area (repairs, remodeling, decoration).

Juno in the IV House of the crab also points to the connection with everything that brings you security, and what you can return to when you feel unprotected.

Cancer work and money in August 2020
Mercury in Cancer but only until August 6 and after its transit in the second house allows us to presage incoming expenses or many ideas on how to spend money.

But inevitably, with Mercury in Cancer and with Venus always in his zodiac sign, but starting on August 8, you could win a lot of money. Much better the end of the month with Mercury in Virgo, therefore in the third house that allows us to think about possible satisfactions of trips, short trips, displacements, messages, and phone calls.

Each meeting could bring so much luck to an economic but not only professional nature. It’s a shame to have opposite Jupiter and Saturn reminding you of some past work situations that haven’t been resolved yet. You have to know how to wait and not to make significant financial investments during these four weeks. Settling for what comes is very useful. New for young job seekers.

From 04 to 19 August, Mercury will be visiting Cancer House II, a transit that aims to diversify sources of income, either on the initiative of the subject or for business and investment opportunities.

In this sense, the trigone starring the Sun in House II of the crab, and Mars in House X (08/16), suggests that luck will play in your favor in the professional field.

As Mercury in House II of Cancer will also hold a trigone with Mars in House X, the next day (08/17), we discussed both possible salary increases, promotions, and new job offers.

The fact that the New Moon in Leo on 08/18, takes place precisely in House II of the crab, reinforces the tendency to obtain advantageous economic agreements, fertilizers, and dividends from bank instruments.

However, the conclusion of new contracts may take longer than expected, due to the squares of Mars in House X, with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24) retrograde in House VII.

These configurations allude to the native’s fear of accepting new responsibilities, or leaving the comfort zone, although there is an awareness that these are necessary steps to advance towards the macro objective.

Note: remember that Jupiter is also retrogressing in your House VII of Cancer, so it will be necessary to trust (really) your talent and what you deserve, to achieve positive results in the negotiation, (have a clear vision of your goals).

On the other hand, the Full Moon in Aquarium on 03/08, will touch the VIII House of Cancer, representing the resolution of the economic conflict with a partner, family or partner, and the financial reorganization of the group.

Important: if you are waiting for the failure of insurance processes, inheritances, and successions, the lunar event can bring the answer.

Another astrological aspect to consider, during August 2020, is the entry of the Sun into the III House of Cancer (08/22), which will benefit the presentation of ideas, and participation in seminars, conferences, and workshops.

In the same way, El Sol en Casa III del Cangrejo raises questions about your growth options (personal and professional), and what are your plans and strategies, for the short and medium-term, (Is the place where you are part of the path traced towards your overcoming?).

As Mercury will also be in Cancer House III, from 08/19, the native’s mental plane will be focused on these considerations, and on how to approach their goals.

Finally, the opposition between Mercury in House III of the crab and Neptune retrograde in House IX (08/30), may cause inconvenience in the purchase of tickets, the processing of international documents, and the follow-up of scheduled itineraries.

For the students of the sign, this alignment poses difficulties in exhibitions and presentations; delays in registration processes, or obtaining academic qualifications.

Cancer Luck August 2020
If you are not happy with your personal, personal, work condition, then know that this bad mood that you have perhaps comes from problems of the past and that now Jupiter and Saturn are even more afloat. Some legal, bureaucratic problems, some expenses, unpaid bills in the past, and some situations that have not been resolved.

A month with no luck and in which Mars also stands in the way of a particularly difficult and energy-stealing square. So physically they are not so well and if they have any disease, considering Saturn as opposed to Jupiter, do not neglect medical attention.

Maybe bone, joint, tooth problems, but also digestion and who knows that you can also increase your body weight. So do not underestimate a complicated summer period in which it would be much better to relax without trying to do too many things because they are very energetic discharges.

On August 7, Venus will enter Cancer, emphasizing the construction of a new scale of personal values; and the practice of forgiveness and self-pity.

Venus in Cancer drives to work the awareness of merit, self-esteem, and the identification of the true desires of the soul, beyond social expectations.

The planet of desire in the sign of the crab also stimulates self-care activities.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this trend can degenerate into hedonism (search for pleasure and immediate satisfaction), due to the entry of the asteroid Eros in Cancer (08/12).

One way to balance the energy directed towards the “I” is through the North Node in the Crab House XII, which aims at volunteer service in support of humanitarian causes or people in need.

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