Cancer Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

This January for Cancer will be very changeable. The most important thing will be health, love, social life, work, and money. The lucky numbers for January: 1-2-3-4-7-8-16-17-20-21-26-27.

Deep, sensitive, tender, Cancer loves his family very much, whom he knows how to protect and care for; but he is too attached to the past. Also, he is ambitious and fun. With the Sun transiting Capricorn, the opposite sign of him, love life will not be easy. This energy asks you to define your priorities again at the couple level. He will be puzzled and will need to clarify his commitment.cancer monthly horoscope january 2021

Pluto has been shaping the most hidden emotions inside him and clearing up certain concerns. On the other hand, the transit of Venus invites him to live romances in the workplace. These temporary relationships could be transformed into more serious ties, due to the presence of Saturn, whose influence will be important during January. However, it could also be setting limits that you will put to the loving bond. The red planet, Mars, will eventually increase your desire and passion.

The presence of Jupiter and Mars in House VI will favor Cancer in everything related to work and health. In general terms, relationships with the opposite gender will be rewarding for the first three gods of the month, but the subsequent shift from Venus to the sign of Aquarius will gestate the arrival, in the life of Cancer, of conflicting energies. Anyway, they will have an unusual potency. As for work, success will accompany them all year long. At the end of January, love will speak in a foreign language.

Love will be good for you. In January, you will be more sociable than ever. You and your partner will want to see your friends and will attend various work-related events. You will be relaxed, with a lot of complicities and happy. If you are single, you will go out more than usual and have some promising sporadic relationships, which will allow you to think about love and a long-term relationship.

With the entry into the scene of Venus, there would be a possibility of living some romance in the workplace. In any case, if this is not the case, it will be a transition where the challenge will require a balance, an inner balance that balances what she likes about her profession and what makes her enjoy her free time. It is an energy that invites you to enjoy but without going beyond the limit. The strong transit will be that of the planet Mars, energy very akin to passion. Take the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Hidden in their rigid shell, many Cancer will refuse to face a painful truth. Those who put their love life in order will be favored and in a short time, they will be able to rebuild their lives with happiness. The feelings of fear and uneasiness that some Crabs will be imprisoned will lead them to see ghosts everywhere. Jealousy and mistrust will be the order of the day, putting the future of ties at risk. Those who have Cancer as a partner will do well to arm themselves with patience since they will be more susceptible than usual. The most appropriate days of January to earn money from the Cancer sign: from January 7 to January 14 and January 23.

Social Life
Social life will be active. Despite leaving the Christmas Parties, you will not miss any event or any invitation to whatever. Your light will attract everyone and you will become the center of many gatherings and parties. You will want to see close friends and catch up. The idea of expanding your circle of friends will seem attractive to you, given the interesting people who are going to introduce you. You will be open to everything and above all, you will meet people, who may be interested in investing in your business.

January is going to be a month of many changes, unforeseen events, and problems of adaptation to the new measures. New investors will appear in your business or professional life and the cause, in part, could be your partner. Directly or indirectly, your partner will participate in your work and can help you a lot. If you start an Internet business, you will do very well.

January will be a good month to advance in independent work projects. You will have good astral aspects that will give you energy, drive, and action to generate new ideas. Mars and Jupiter ask you to bet on training, to study thinking big, go for more, trust in your future. The transit and firmness of Neptune bring him closer to artistic or highly creative work environments. However, Mercury asks you for attention and care with handling money.

Money and Luck
Economically it will be very good for you and you will be very happy. Your income will increase. Everything you do related to investments and business is guaranteed success. Your partner will do very well financially and that will be a break for you.

Family and Friends
Family life will be fine. Once the Holidays are over, you will have a good taste in your mouth, of seeing your children well professionally and financially. You will feel great satisfaction and rest.

Your health will be regular. These Christmas and New Year’s Parties have been exhausting for you. You will feel low energy and tired all the time. Take your moment of rest and try to get more sleep. You need to regain strength. The stress you carry is enormous. Nothing serious happens to you organically, it’s just stress.

If you are a student, you will do well. You have easily adapted to the changes that have occurred in the teaching sector and now, after the Holidays, you want to start the year, pulling your shoulder and studying whatever it takes, to get the best grades.

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