Cancer Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

The sky is quite clear in May, Neptune and, from the 13th, Jupiter in Pisces feeds your creativity and makes you want to evolve. Uranus in good looks encourages you to change, to try something new and you want to be more autonomous, more free, so it is a good time to get rid of some harmful or limiting dependencies. Mercury and Venus are in Gemini this month, so this is not the time to expect a surge of passion in your love affairs, but Mars in your home maintains your sensuality and romanticism.

This May for Cancer will be quieter than usual. The most important thing will be money, love, work. The lucky numbers for May: 3-4-5-6-10-11-15-16-24-25.cancer monthly horoscope for may 2021

In love, you will be regular this month. If you are married or with a partner, everything will be a problem and it will be a month in which the relationship will be a difficult dish to digest. You will have to work hard to avoid a crisis. Do not make momentous decisions in love. If you are single, you could have misunderstandings with a person of the opposite gender. Things won’t turn out the way you want them to. You will have illusions with someone, who does not correspond to you and does not deserve you. Let it pass, later you will find another.

From the middle of this month you will have several planets in the twelfth house and then behind. Also, Venus and Mercury will be in the field of trials and obstacles, but also of lies, of things not said. Here you have to be very careful in your love relationship, not to hide anything, not to say the wrong things, not to tell lies, especially because they could be quickly discovered by the couple.

If you are alone in the first part of the month it is decent to woo someone but from the second half things get a bit worse and it will be more difficult to be attractive, even though Mars is still in your zodiac sign. Those who are in a relationship manager to live unforgettable moments at least until the middle of the month, successively we must be attentive and not facilitate eventual problems, fights, misunderstandings that could precisely be born because of secrets, of little lies that could come to light.

Social Life
As for social life, it will be quiet and you will prefer to stay at home. You want more of the tranquility of home and a good movie or a good book than going out there in these special moments.

The most important thing in your life will continue to be at work. You will live abrupt and changeable changes in your current job or you will change jobs, to go to another company. Your company has problems and you will prefer to change. If you have your own company, it could cause problems in the health of your employees and you would be forced to hire new people.

If you have to take a trip for professional reasons then the most suitable days are those of the first part of the month when Venus and Mercury are still in the zodiac sign, your friend del Toro and with the support of Mars In your astrological sky, you will also have enough energy to dare, to work hard, even for many hours a day. In this month you do not have the support of Jupiter but that does not matter because other planets support you and ask you not to give up in professional situations that seem to be complicated to handle.

If you don’t have a job, send in your resume before May 10 or schedule some interviews because your phone could be ringing very soon. The ideal time to reinforce the task that you have taken for a long time and perhaps to ask for a progression, an advance but always remember to act within the middle of the month because then everything will be more complicated.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will do more or less well, although instability will be the keynote of the month. You will suffer job changes, which will affect your economy. You will have to better control expenses.

The current sky is not so satisfactory but not so pessimistic. Meanwhile, speaking of the physical way of having Mars in your sky, and this transit occurs only once every two years, it means having a support, a friend who supports you physically but also morally and gives you that imagination, creativity to Commit and face the struggles that will surely come in your life.

So nobody knocks them down and the first part of May is great for taking a trip, for having fun, going to a gym, a new gathering place where you can meet other people to feel in tune with. A hobby, sport, family, home, are all things that can favorably fill your life. They have struggled a lot in the past and now is the time to enjoy moments of relaxation and success. By strengthening their physique, the mind and spirit are also strengthened and will obtain even more from destiny.

Family and Friends
The family is in good health, but they will have to adapt to the new economic situation you are going through. They will have to control their expenses better and go out less. You are going to reduce their allowance.

This month you will be in good health. You will feel good, with more energy than usual and you will feel like doing activities. Go out and walk in the sun, breathe fresh air and take advantage of this good condition in which you will find yourself throughout the month. It is a good time to do a detox diet and cleanse your body. You will feel great if you do.

Jupiter, from the 13th, invites you to make an effort. It is an ideal time to shake off your legendary apathy and return to regular physical activity, although at first you settle for taking walks and the benefits of your outings will make you want to do more. You will also like to take care of your house, your children, or your loved ones, the family spirit dominates this month! Whether it’s playing board games or preparing team meals, you’ll find a thousand ways to keep yourself busy in good company. Do not overdo it, do not abuse and you will have a restful month!

If you are a student, you will do well. You will get very good grades. The tranquility and the calm life around you will favor the one that you can study more calmly and concentrate better.

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