Cancer Monthly Horoscope for the April 2020

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

This April for the Cancer horoscope. The most important thing: work, social life, and money. Lucky numbers for April: 1-2-3-4-9-10-18-19-23-24-28-29.

In health, you will be fine, but do not wreak havoc. Try to rest as much as possible, so as not to exhaust yourself, although in general, you will feel in good health. Beware of the virus, because your defenses are a little low. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, that contain Vitamin C., to improve your immune system. Do not go outside and if you do, protect yourself very well.cancer monthly horoscope april 2020

Only the first 3 days of this month are favorable for love since successively Venus passes in your twelfth astrological house creating some obstacles in the sentimental sector.

If your love story is not in crisis then you don’t have to be concerned though, a monotony phase could create some small discussion. As far as those who are experiencing a crisis period of a few weeks or even a few months are concerned, Venus behind you will be a test to face, an obstacle to overcome.

For the climate at a family and the sentimental level becomes slightly more stormy and it is not necessary to underestimate the demands of the couple, of the parents, of the children. You are not very attractive and lo and behold, conquering a person’s heart under this sky will not be quite simple for lonely hearts.

Unattractive, little magnetism, and on April 12, the dialogue will also not be your best weapon because Mercury will go square creating possible communication difficulties within romantic relationships.

Work and Money
In this month, the support of Venus is missing, which is also often an important planet in terms of work, but also Mercury, which forms an astrological aspect of a square with your sky, does not allow you to be serene on a professional and economic level.

The icing on the cake is Jupiter, but having been in opposition for many months, he waited for no other than this period to create more difficulties at work. Well, under this terrible astrological situation, those who are looking for a good job will have many difficulties and will have to settle for few news and above all, minimum incomes, but the most incredible thing is that if you have a good job, threatening to do damage, making various mistakes, to be wrong and cannot remedy all that you can combine.

Agreements and contracts that can be annulled or have to be postponed, decisions at an economic, real estate, financial level that can cause damage to yourself and your portfolio and therefore it is necessary to proceed with great caution. To avoid too dangerous financial investments.

Economically you will be very well, but you will be nervous and want to invest, to speculate. Don’t do it, this is not the right time. Your income will depend on your good professional reputation. If people trust you, you will have more income than if they don’t. At the end of the month, you will feel unstable and you will not be wrong, because it can go very well or badly. Be careful! It is a month to move prudently.

Being at peace with the world is not simple at the moment because too many planets are against you and do not allow you to be serene on an inner level.

This period is very difficult to manage without doing damage and also your physique may not be able to bear the tiredness, a level of optimism and confidence that collapse under the influence of Jupiter that at the moment is very active but in a negative sense. The best thing to do is not to overdo it with food and alcohol, with smoke, paying attention to body weight, blood circulation, and the heart.

Exaggerating this month means being trained with several problems for the coming months without finding good solutions. You try not to do too dangerous sports and do not make long trips.

If the physical form is not good, then that mental one is not excellent either and the ideas that you have do not have to proceed at this time because the results of reaching would be quite disastrous. Anyway, little luck in this phase of your life but you need to persist and resist.

Family and Friends
The family and your home will be very well and you will feel proud of them, but you will lose sight of them because their future and their interests are far from you. They will find your interests abroad or far from home. Let them make their way, the important thing is that they come to see you. If we still live in confinement, they will stay with you longer.

Work will be the most important of the month. You will be completely involved in it, even if we are all in quarantine. Every time you have more power to change everything you consider, that does not work. You will be very successful and your effort will be rewarded. You continue to depend on your contacts and influential people, but less and less. You will be on everyone’s lips and you have to do social and protect your reputation. You need to keep up and keep selling your product out loud. In your company, everything depends on you. But you with video conferences will keep in touch with all of them.

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