Cancer Monthly Horoscope September 2018

Cancer Monthly Horoscope September 2018

This month of September for the Cancer Horoscope, it will be a month of struggle. The most important is the family, health and work. Lucky numbers for the month of September: 4-5-9-10-12-13-14-22-23-24-29-30.

Love will remain the same as last month. It will be difficult for you to advance your relationship. Misunderstandings and the relationship of forces will be present and it will not be easy. What is clear is that you will not stop fighting to be there and get what you want.cancer monthly horoscope of september 2018

Money is not a point of concern this month. You have already achieved everything that you wanted in the short term and you are calm. You have everything under control. The last week of the month, it would be a good time to sell your house, if that’s what you want. The money could come through a family business or your family would come to work for your company.

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At work you will be focusing, because you have been treading a new terrain for a month and new to you. You are already getting used to working on new topics for yourself and despite this, this stresses you, it seems that you are dominating the thing. You must achieve success in this new professional stage of your life. It will be a challenge for you.

Focus on the family. Be present. It will have two open fronts: work and family. You’ll have to know how to ride the two of them. You will end up staying throughout the year, in something more or less definitive and this will give you some peace of mind. You need to feel, that they have found their place and that you have a less burden.

In September you will make little social life, you will not want too much. You will be more focused on family and work. That does not mean, that you are going to be locked in your house, but maybe the outputs you make will be more related to work, than to your circle of friends.

Health will be good, but the last week of the month, you will feel more tired. You already know what it touches, sleep more and rest, so as not to turn it into an exaggerated exhaustion. Prioritize and do only the essential, so as not to exhaust yourself. That is the secret for you. You can not cover everything.

If you are a student you will be focusing on the new school year, wanting to start organizing and functioning. If you are already in adulthood, you will still be resting and not wanting to get into spiritual matters.