Cancer this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

Cancer this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

This December for the Cancer horoscope. The most important health, love, social life, money, and work. Lucky numbers for December: 3-4-5-16-14-15-16-21-22-31.

Love will continue to improve and as we saw last month, it seems that the crisis is behind. It is easier for you to talk with your partner and reach agreements. You could continue with your partner or you could separate, but in very good terms. If you are single and with a girlfriend, you could set the date to get married next year. If you are single and alone, be sure that you will find your better half and next year you will be formalizing the relationship or even getting married.cancer december 2019 monthly horoscope

Social Life
December’s social life expands. You will meet new people, through your friends and work. This is great for you because you will meet other types of people, who will bring new points of view, new ideas and new activities to your life. It will be a very busy month, but very enriching.

Money and Luck
You will be economically unstable. The solar eclipse on day 26 will greatly affect you. You will have to look for new sources of income, to balance your economy. The ideas are not missing, you just have to start them up. Everything you start this month, you will do well and pay off. You should be more thrifty. The problem you have is that you have a lot of representation expenses. You have to invite a lot of new people that you are meeting in your social life and at work. The investment is worth it, but it will be expensive.

At work, you will be unstable. Everything moves under your feet. There will be changes in your company, which will affect you directly. You will have to make a worker’s tear cloth, which will be having a bad time. You will have to look for a new job or new clients or open new paths in your professional life. You will be very busy.

Family and Friends
Family is always important to you and you will be happy. For you, Christmas is the best time of the year, because you are the whole family together and that makes you immensely happy. Enjoy then, but stay home on the 26th. Do not go out, do not travel, do not take the car, to avoid traffic accidents.

Health will not be very good. You are very tired and you need to take a vacation, to continue with the huge workload, which you usually carry. Charge your batteries again. Prioritize at work, so as not to exhaust yourself in this way. Then, be careful with accidents, during the solar eclipse on the 26th. Do not take the car that day and stay at home. Rest well!

December is a good month for study, as you always know how to study and it spreads to you. You will take out the notes you want and be satisfied with yourself.

By Mary Emma

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