Cancer Today Horoscope Friday 26th May 2017

Cancer Today Horoscope Predictions Friday 26th May 2017

In this lunar phase your ruler, the Moon, is placed in conjunction with the Sun and both energies combine in a unique way complementing each other and the result is unexpected. On the one hand you, Cancer, will be reevaluating many aspects of your life, reviewing what you are doing both in your work and in your social and family life.

Even if there are different obligations do not forget your good friends or those who have always been by your side in the good, and the bad. Fortunately you are a sign that has the positive quality of gratitude and that distinction is what will fill you with joy and contentment at all times.

Love and friendship are two sides of the same expression two aspects of a positive energy that brings you closer to who loves you and is always at your side. On the other hand, with the lunar effluvium of today you feel more confident about yourself, less restless and more desiring to show that person how important it is to you.

Some Cancerians, especially men, may feel somewhat worried about their manhood thinking that they are having problems when many circumstances are in the mind. Cancer women, however, will feel complete and calm.

Your ability to work is very high, but to be able to take full advantage of it, you must maximize your organizational sense and have everything carefully arranged in your job and your home. This way you will avoid wasting time and you will gain much more.

It is possible that in these last days you have incurred some economic loss, however, from this astral cycle with the energy of the month in your Cancer sign you will notice how many outstanding economic problems begin to be solved. Money will flow uninterruptedly to you in the weeks ahead of your birthday cycle.

Your Cancer Horoscope Today, May 26, 2017

Your day: trust yourself! Note: 3/5

You do not necessarily aspire to serenity and you will be tempted to plunge you into the meanders of passion. Native couples will have to be wary of this dangerous game!

Do not give credit to the words heard in the corridors. Make your own opinions and do not be influenced by the sayings. Only count on yourself. Good moral and good tone.

Your Astrology

Your fantasy and your determination bring you luck this Thursday of the Ascension. Access impatience is in sight, nevertheless, follow the thread of your priorities. Riding on your big horses will bring you nothing but exhaustion.

Your Day in Stars

  • Mood
    Your discernment skills are on the rise. Let yourself live without worrying about small basic things, aim higher.
  • Love
    You will be more daring, you charm with ease today, and will know you are in the right place at the right time.
  • Money
    You feel in the heart of the matter, completely involved in your financial life. Share your opinion !
  • Job
    You will be more stubborn than usual. Let go of ballast if you have to work as a team today.

And your Decan in all this?
The moon is in Taurus, in position 22 degrees, 11 minutes: Material and affective life is more stable, laziness linked to habits, memory and grudges.

First decan: Born between 21 June and 01 July

It is a beautiful day, soft and reassuring where you will particularly appreciate your usual surroundings and where reading, knitting, crafting are beneficial to you. Friendly meetings, studies and research are also favored. It’s a day to learn, to exchange …

Second decan: Born between 02 July to 12 July

You are well organized these days, take advantage of it to store your closets and make profitable what you will never wear again by selling it used. You will make a good deal while taking care of you concretely, which will give you the added benefit of a great psychological well-being.

Third decan: Born between 13 July to 22 July

Prepare your schedule, make an appointment with the dentist or the beautician, sort the pharmacy, make the shopping list or the month’s accounts … in the same way, chat with your neighbors or colleagues and you will learn many things that will make Your environment even more enjoyable.

Here is your horoscope from Thursday, May 25, 2017

Important decisions can not be taken alone. You should discuss it with your spouse or those who love you. Even if you are concerned about a difficult discussion, you have to talk about it.

There is a lot to do and you do not have time to consider all the details. Try not to disperse yourself too much otherwise you could make a mistake that you would regret later.

Your lucky number: 57
Your color of the day: lilac
Best time in the day: 10am
Hooked atoms: capricorn

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