Cancer Today Horoscope Monday 1st May 2017

Cancer Today Horoscope Predictions Monday 1st May 2017

The Moon, entering your sign, changes the dynamics of your personality in a positive sense and you understand many things that you did not understand before. A favorable aspect in your working life linked to buying and selling businesses abroad promises an excellent day in that sense, if your work is related to tourism or trade.

Do not bring a sentimental situation to your work because at the moment it is most convenient to arrange your love differences with your partner without the intervention of anyone else, unless you are a marriage counselor or a person of your absolute confidence, and who is qualified to do so .

Before you make hasty conclusions and bittering your life for pleasure, learn to listen to the other person. Not everything is what it seems, Cancer, if you learn to ask and really listen, you will calm down. Avoid burdening yourself with negative emotions and stressing yourself, those problems that bother you will be solved.

Take care of your stomach and your airways, you will get sick and you will be a little delicate of health for some days. Most likely you will need to go to the doctor entering the year, but nothing serious, just remember to avoid fats and not abuse alcohol.

Soon you will have good, excellent news of work / studies. They include you in new plans or tasks, recognition of your contributions, this implies an improvement of your current conditions, in image and almost certainly, in salary.

If you are single, a love of the past will seek you to try to fix things, avoid approaching that person and much less ignore it, you know perfectly well that he did not give you anything good at the time. Think about it, Cancer, if it hurt you before, so will it be now. Do not be candid, there are people who never change.

There is a strange feeling that will not leave you alone. When you think everything is under control, a whirlwind of transformative energy reminds you that you could have neglected some important aspects. Obey your intuition instead of following the advice of others. It’s about your life, not theirs.

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