Cancer Today Horoscope Sunday 21st May 2017

Cancer Today Horoscope Zodiac Predictions Sunday 21st May 2017

You are at the gates of June that as you know coincides with your birthday cycle which begins on the 20th or 21st of that month, depending on where you live. All these weeks prior to your annual event are for renewal, evaluation and analysis.

You will be making important decisions associated with your sentimental life and also with your business and work affairs. On the other hand you are going to solve outstanding issues and remove from your list of friends those fake people who only approach you when they need you. There are no problems right now for you, on the contrary. Go on as you go and you will see results soon.

The Moon, who is your ruler, continues in transit through Pisces, and today begins to govern the sign of Gemini in many countries. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto remain retrograde. Love has many faces, even there is a love phase that is linked to friendship and affection. When you cultivate that beautiful part of your inner Self you grow, and then a friend becomes a very special person in your life. Go prepare for the best, Cancerian.

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Your health goes well although due to certain planetary aspects existing in your horoscope there is a certain tendency to the digestive alterations so be very careful when selecting the foods that you ingest and the places to which you go to eat.

You feel satisfied with what you are doing, but at the same time you realize that you can do more. Check your time, you may be spending hours behind a social medium and neglecting other important aspects of your work activity which would then negatively affect you.

Due to the lunar transit of today in a sign of your element, water and in the middle of a very revealing wave, you feel inspired to put your money in certain businesses that will be able to give you results to the extent that you do not neglect and you channel your energy in a Single direction.

You will receive support and understanding from your partner, but you must get used to that not all beings can express what you feel through pampering and affection. The natives who are alone, will find the opportunity to meet the ideal person.

A creative outlet is essential to achieve success in other areas, achieving abundance through natural gifts. Nervousness and irritability affect good understanding. Serenese, will soon realize the goals that worry you and do not let you sleep. Your partner can understand and support you as long as you communicate your concern and let help. Comradeship can be greatly strengthened, it depends on you.

You have a capacity to love that little you have and the person you are knowing notice it, do not let someone escape you that can be very good for you, just because you are afraid to show your love or to let your feelings out, free yourself more.

If you have the opportunity to get a pet today and you are able to give him all the care that each animal deserves, do it without thinking, remember well that it will always be good to have a companion inside your home, not only gives you affection And knowledge, but also each animal has its grace and its challenge, you are probably in the habit of seeing only dogs as good pets, but a cat is a good idea for someone with your personality, is independent and clean, affectionate and very interesting.
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