Cancer Today Horoscope Thursday 11th May 2017

Cancer Today Horoscope Predictions Thursday 11th May 2017

Your ruler, the Moon, is in opposition to the Sun, it is the time of the full Moon and as a consequence you feel something restless because you want to solve many things that you have been postponing leaving “for tomorrow” or is procrastinating, and that overwhelms you.

He will have to change his character and discard all the conflictive situations that cause imbalances in the couple. A long-awaited dream will be fulfilled. Meditation helps to manifest true desires and deserve success. He must control his impulses and nerves better, resist the temptation to create conflicts that, although justified, can lead to greater problems, is a time of diplomacy and feet of lead. Domestic dramas in door, act with sobriety and calm.

Save for better times the claims you need to make. This planetary transit will allow you to balance your feelings. He has to put aside all his fears to advance on the sentimental plane.

There is no better companion than those who help you in bad times, you have someone like that, appreciate their gestures.

Fortunately you can solve everything in time. Also during this full moon day you will feel in your inner Self the energy of your ruler, and the support of a good friend who is always with you when you need it, while you are there in reverse. A time of joys and achievements.

Full moon! This is the day and night of the full moon which is passing through the sign of Scorpio. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. Your level of sexuality is on the rise, cancerous, because the Moon travels by a very intense and is also in its phase of full moon. It is the time to get in touch with those you love and love you, with those friends you have not seen for some time and with whom you can open your heart and reveal yourself as you are.

This is the best time to change routines, check your lifestyle and address all those aspects that need to be modified so you can make the most of what you are now living. Put your will to work and do not detract at any time in your enthusiasm.

There are tendencies to misunderstandings and problems in communication. Try to analyze your energy in a concrete way and you will achieve job successes. Do not be impatient, those who are supervising your work will recognize your merits and efforts and soon you will be occupying the place that corresponds to you.

Do you need an additional entry? There is good news for you, Cancerian, because in the next few weeks you will have the opportunity to do something extra to increase your income and allow you a little luxuries that will help you in everything you are doing right now, and even plan a short trip in the following days.

A moment of magic truth you could live today with a person who has been in your life recently, it is good that you take the initiative to begin to discover much more the likes and what interests that person, really want Meet and be together, are just waiting to follow the right steps, remember that love only happens, not force.

A very close friend will make you an invitation that you will find a bit strange today, you might want to introduce someone without telling you, if so, it could be very good to meet a new person, it does not need to be something neat Romantic.

An elderly person is waiting for a visit from you and you are not responding in a good way, you may need help with something important, be sure to assist.
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