Cancer Today Horoscope Tuesday 25 April 2017

Cancer Today Horoscope Predictions Tuesday 25 April 2017

Cancer Horoscope for today, Do not explode for trivia. Count up to one hundred before you give an answer that you can later regret, especially if you are dealing with people who are part of your family group.

Stay calm as Mars, in a position that is hostile to you, will have it on your nerves throughout the day. The position of the Sun, of Mercury and of Pluto will be combined to make it today totally irresistible, if that is what is really proposed.

It is a good opportunity to go out and meet new people in case you are not enjoying what you most long for: a stable relationship.

Today the interaction with others will be valuable, although it tends to be somewhat wild. Your actions and emotions will come out of a primary place within you, making you act and react with wild instincts.

You will find yourself entering imaginary scenarios and strange performances where people will have characters other than themselves. The words will sound scathing, so be careful in how you use them.

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