Cancer Weekly Horoscope 12th to 18th April 2021

Cancer (born between June 22 and July 22): On Monday 12th, it is important that you pay attention to how you receive news from a woman from your past, and now it will help you feel freer and happier. You will take stock of what you know in this life and what you have learned during all this time.

On Tuesday the 13th, you will notice that you cannot unify thoughts and feelings, so it will be difficult for you to make decisions, or choose the correct ones. So pay close attention and don’t head into something that isn’t real. You may have an unexpected surprise. On Wednesday the 14th, what you value in this life comes to the fore. And for them you should use your degree of friendly affinity and your great empathy, because otherwise it will be useless.cancer weekly horoscope 12th to 18th april 2021

On Thursday 15th, your dealings with others will feel like “one of lime and one of sand”, since you will go from one extreme to another. Handle times and expressions with care. On Friday the 16th, you will have a great inner strength that will push you to project everything innovative and magical that can brighten your life and also that of others.

On Saturday 17th, you find yourself in a very favorable environment to be able to unleash everything you like. So do it in depth and with your usual seriousness. And, on Sunday the 18th, your excessive sensitivity and your vulnerability make you prone to complicated and confusing relationships today. Pay attention to everything, and a lot of awareness.

You are rather a spendthrift but there is nothing wrong with indulging yourself in reward for the many efforts you have made so far. If you want to be flirtatious, it’s mainly to feel good with yourself and please those you meet. Your presence attracts the attention of your peers, it is proof that your method is effective.

Cancer This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 12th to 18th April 2021

You are not in the mood to make concessions or be blinded by appearances. Don’t try to deepen discussions with your partner this week, just wait a bit. You find certain advantages in observing your surroundings. Good progress should become possible if you are more objective.

You display an unfailing dynamism and you do not make concessions on the essential. Spare your partners who are a little warm, even polar, not very enthusiastic at the idea of seeing you walking on their flower beds. So keep a sense of proportion because you are not in a strong position and your interlocutors are reluctant to give gifts!

You have an excellent ability to learn this week so you might as well make the most of it. You can also hone your manual skills effectively in exciting activities to release the nervousness that drives you. Do not be in a hurry to calm down, many nice surprises await you.

Money and Luck
You are fortunate enough to be able to raise the bar financially. However, in order for it to be truly profitable for you, it would be wise for you to take stock. This week of April 12, it’s time to take responsibility even if it doesn’t suit you. Spending mindlessly doesn’t make you a bad person, but alas, it puts you in unlikely situations. Cancer Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You are irritated by the little hassles to which your emotions expose you, which sometimes tend to take over your reason, but you can meet the challenge with flying colors. You should not suffer too much from a planetary context which projects you into a climate of passion, even if it is contrary to your inclinations.

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