Cancer Weekly Horoscope 14th to 20th October 2019

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 14th to 20th October 2019

The entrance of Venus as a friend sign makes you calmer, warmer and more generous. You enjoy this pleasant atmosphere to release the pressure and put on your panoply of the super organizer to amuse your clan. You use your grandchild soul to plan happy times and improve the well-being of those around you.

Do not go overboard if forbidden fruits tempt you. Calculate the risks before tasting. This week, placed under high sensual tension, however, does not dispense you to take a look at your relationship with those around you that disturbs your race to pleasure. The problems you encounter in the family may increase.cancer weekly horoscope 14 to 20 october 2019

Associations and contracts hold your attention this week of October 14th. You have some work to do and the firm intention to carry out your task by rallying the votes of your partners. However, you cross adversaries: the sky exposes you to the bad mood of your interlocutors. Do not lend yourself to criticism and know how to open the road to infinity!

With Venus in sextile, you are full of goodwill to please those around you and take on your family responsibilities. It is natural and spontaneous that you instill a climate of sweetness and that you show your attachment to those you love. You advocate the quest for unity and propagate beautiful human values.

Money and Luck
A bit of a wave to the soul prevents you from thinking serenely about your financial situation, certainly not flourishing but not catastrophic either! To begin, stop investing in your so-called success, which is slow in coming, wait for some real signs of a positive return of your past actions related to your money to act, do not run after the false hopes! Patience and rigor are your best friends for your credit! Lucky Numbers This Week

You must think before acting and temper your growing impatience. You are not to be taken with tweezers, but you could use your energy advantage to promote your bold plans by avoiding however to override your hierarchy who would not appreciate your fantasies. The opportunities to stand out are not lacking. Be more clever than indocile.

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