Cancer Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th October 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th October 2020

Cancer (born between June 22 and July 22): On Monday the 19th, act calmly today to sift through both the easy and the difficult things and be able to adapt in time. Your intuition will be your guide in all this.

On Tuesday 20, take care of your expressions because you will be very vital and with a lot of energy. Act generously and avoid hurting some people’s sensibilities. On Wednesday 21, you will feel in your environment and you will be able to use your generosity with the people around you. Use your sincerity and kindness to make everything work perfectly. On Thursday 22nd, it is important to achieve pragmatism and also find a way to help people close to you and solve their issues. You can help a close friendship monetarily.cancer weekly horoscope 19th to 25th october 2020

On Friday the 23rd, use your sensitivity to support unmotivated people. Take care of your eating habits. You have to use maturity and pragmatism. On Saturday the 24th, you should take care of certain financial matters that you have been carrying for a long time. For this, you must have someone who is an expert on the subject to make it easier for you and taking into account family opinions. And on Sunday you will feel as if you are the axis of everyone else and they come to you to be with you.

Cancer Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Start the week with the moon transiting Cancer, opposing Pluto. Much to attend to and to resolve with the maternal lineage, synchronously with the celebration of Mother’s Day. Many conflicts ask to be understood lovingly, a lot of forgiveness, and a lot of transmutation is necessary to be able to self-sustain healthily. When we are cruel to ourselves, it is necessary to heal and reflect on why we need more love and nurture. Sometimes we give too much to others but deny our own needs. We have a long way to go, but we have already started.

This week love gives you good times and hope. If you had doubts, they disappear to give way to trust. Socially you will be with many activities and you could even end the week with physical and mental exhaustion but with great personal satisfaction. At work, the recommendation is that you stay away from perfection and try to flow with the situations that arise, and if something does not seem like it is time to express it and thus you will open doors for future changes.

This week you can improve your personal situation. Your vision will be more objective. Your intense activity is likely to deplete your reserves. You should stop clinging to the idea of perfection to avoid going around in circles. The emphasis of the stars is on friendship and you feel the need for exchanges of conversation and closeness. So speak up and express your feelings. You know that you cannot change your life without making any effort, it is impossible. You can start by making essential changes. Love brings you to hope and you will have great satisfaction, which will banish your doubts. You will be inspired, so don’t hesitate to follow your intuition. You could also be attracted to someone different or from another culture.

Souls ignite but are not consumed. Venus in sextile expands your love life and helps you verbalize your feelings. The greatness of soul, nobility, and generosity is typical of this transit. So stay reasonable so as not to weaken your finances.

Count on the influence of a sky that is revealed makes many things possible and above all, makes it easier for you by interceding on your behalf. You will not have too much of his help to curb your troubles by favoring openness and dialogue and by playing cards on the table to relativize the emotional problems that arise.

If you force the luck, try to spare your interlocutors who could reproach you for your opportunism without complex. An iron fist in a velvet glove gives you more lasting confidence in your peers and in no way deprives you of success. So, use your talents to conquer problems, not to ruthlessly overcome adversity.

Venus in sextile pulls you upwards and encourages you to express your feelings. This is an excellent time to tie your loves to live, with a certain panache despite your reserved nature. Engagement, marriage, baby? Now is the time to invest!

Money and Luck
Don’t skip any steps, go cautiously when it comes to money. Even if this investment, which the media uses superlatives, catches your eye, this week of October 19, we invite you to think twice before committing to a process at financial risk. An error of this kind is not welcome and could be fatal for your financial situation. Take guarantees before acting, do not be naive or in a hurry!

You find it hard to bear the contradiction and you roar at the slightest chance! Your attitude does not help matters and exposes you to almost permanent stress. Do not exceed your limits because you could quickly run out of steam at this little game! You have solid resources, but that’s no reason to rush headlong into battle.

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