Cancer Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th May 2019

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th May 2019

With the energy of Mars in your sign, you have romance appeal to spare! In this state of mind, your loves will take a pace much more dynamic than before! Your enthusiasm will work wonders.

If you find yourself in a double or nebulous situation, the sky finally allows you to discern more clearly your expectations and those of your partner. You can then judge, without further delay, changes to bring closer to your emotional ideals. Your desires will be exacerbated, there is more than to communicate them to whom right.cancer weekly horoscope 20th to 26th may 2019

If you want to progress and improve your status, go for extra work, move up a gear. Success seems to be at hand and you obviously only have to enjoy the current complicity of the stars. No doubt a little monopolized by the eddy to manage with family, you have little head at work but it is necessary to keep afloat your projects.

However, be careful not to cross the white line this week of May 20th. In your swing, you could shake more sensitive curses than yours and that would compromise all the good sent by the presence of Mars in your sign.

Money and Luck
At home you talk about money, financial issues are topical, the developments also. You agree to provide for your loved ones provided that the money is used wisely and on that you are skeptical. Small disagreements settle, they calm down very quickly. Thanks to an unexpected amount of money, your accounts are bailing out, the opportunity to organize a surprise weekend is too good.

Get away from bad influences, get some fresh air and take a lot of breaks. You will emerge very quickly, fresh and ready for a context that you will quickly and discreetly return in your favor. To go out in beauty, form and charm of all situations, you are an ace. Without that, you would quickly lose your footing and find yourself on the brink of exhaustion.

By Mary Emma

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