Cancer Weekly Horoscope 21st to 27th September 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 21st to 27th September 2020

There are times when a lack of motivation does not allow you to continue as you really would like. Give it time and if you don’t like what you do and are very confident about it, allow yourself to make a change. Have a little patience, it is normal that you need time to get to the situation. If you see that everything remains the same, change.

You do not deserve to stress or submit to this level of work if it is not what you are most passionate about. If you decide to make the change, dedicate yourself to what you like the most. Although it is difficult to find it, fight for it, and that way you will be happier.cancer weekly horoscope 21st to 27th september 2020

The new moon, ruler of Cancer, in an air sign (Libra) this week will bring you a lot of mental clarity and a lot of harmonies to take advantage of in your inner balance and your relationships. They must be honest, say what they think without being confrontational or aggressive, but above all, communicate.

In the workplace, make your proposals heard in front of the group or area; working as a team will be important to exploit your creativity. Do not forget physical exercise and a good rest, the new moon in this cardinal sign will give you a lot of power and a certain body tension or nervousness that will be necessary to channel well.

One piece of advice: there will be people around you who tell you the half-truths. Stay away from people who you distrust and transmit negative energy to you this week.

You are particularly tense and your stress is contagious, do not be surprised if those around you try to discreetly flee your presence. The more you try to tackle obstacles, the more you tire. It might be wiser to work around them rather than tackle them head-on, but you lack the subtlety of finding practical solutions this week.

A week of September 21 capable of awakening in you the passion of your beginnings! Your memory is triggered by music you hear on the radio and it is your love story that you see again as a spectator in front of your eyes! You miss this intensity, you long to tell your partner but will he understand you? Dare to become nostalgic, dare to offer him a date like when you met, innovate!

You happily frequent your usual circle and you increase your contacts. You want to go out, to show your enthusiasm. You enjoy an enviable position and, in such moments, it is better to count your allies than the jealous ones, ready to do anything to take revenge for your stubbornness which sometimes borders on tyranny!

Do not try to lead others, you will only get enmities. You are not confident enough to convince those around you and your energy is unstable. It would be more prudent to take your time to fulfill your obligations, even if it means falling a little behind, which is better than risking exhaustion, stress, or clumsiness.

Money and Luck
Your accounts lose their splendor, you begin to doubt. Nothing is a sign of bad finances, however, there is some effort to be made, if you don’t motivate yourself very quickly you could end up in trouble. As much to say to you that thanks to new opportunities your money worries will only be a bad memory. Little by little, the financial balance is making a comeback. Stay in control and you will be fine. Cancer Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Stress is waiting for you and you would be well inspired to take a step back if you want to preserve your balance. You will not avoid the probable tensions and arguments and you will undoubtedly find it hard to escape the pressures that will put your nerves to the test, but, if you learn to put things into perspective, you should spend the week in good shape!

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