Cancer Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th August 2020

On Monday 3rd, you will have mixed emotions, but you should keep order to have solvency in everything. Your decisions will be correct with your balance between emotions and reason.

On Tuesday, your kindness will help you resolve important financial matters. You act cautiously and seriously in your dealings with others which benefits you.cancer weekly horoscope 3rd to 9th august 2020

On Wednesday 5th, you will have strong emotional ties that will affect you a lot. Take everything slower, given your great vitality. Solve “Those economic issues.”

On Thursday 6th, your energy moves too fast; You must know how to use it to answer appropriately each time. You have great inspiration and you also have a perfect balance between what you think and what you feel, which will help you enormously.

On Friday the 7th, you are the axis of all and your sympathy will attract them to help you in multiple actions. Good Yin / Yang balance and a great artistic inspiration in what you will stand out today, enormously.

And during the weekend: On Saturday there will be a lot of movement between your entertainment and what occupies your professional life in your mind, and on Sunday your goals and projects must take shape with friends.

Cancer Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

You will be less clear-sighted, this first week of August when it comes to your friendships, love, or social relationships. Subtle changes are to be expected as Neptune’s influence predominates and prompts you to think finely. Your intuition is greatly influenced by your affectivity and encourages you to be useful, sometimes to an excess.

We cannot say that you are in great shape, your morale is at half-mast, you are nostalgic. A beautiful harmony reigns over your friendly life, while on the side of your loves small losses are probable. You go around in circles, but not for very long since someone manages to entertain you. The start of the weekend promises some emotionally sympathetic twists and turns. You are not at the end of your surprises.

Heaven invites you to communicate in all areas and provides you with good communication. You are on all fronts and you are looking to make your dreams concrete and realistic. Dynamic and determined, you assert yourself in the big leagues and you should hardly come across any obstacle in your path. Be careful not to rest on your laurels.

Neptune promotes letting go, renunciation, both in the sentimental sphere and in other areas. You will tend to stick around limply without showing your limits to those close to you. You will only be able to counter these tendencies by giving yourself time before responding to suggestions from those around you.

Money and Luck
Superb week! Everything smiles on you and especially your wallet which could fill many unfulfilled desires. It is because you have deserved this insolent luck in financial matters, your business acumen has bordered on perfection lately! No more problems, the sea is calm and your morale is at the top! Keep this constructive energy as much as possible, your money well spent will be able to help you live your dreams!

You are struggling to tear yourself away from the multiple burdens that fall on you and want to leave to decompress. The sky urges you to do so and, whether you are flying to faraway destinations or wanting to get away from it all around the corner, you will nonetheless be gripped by the desire to lighten your schedule. to enjoy the sweetness of life.

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