Cancer Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th April 2021

Cancer (born between June 22 and July 22): On Monday 5th, your ways of communicating today must be agile and calm, because you will feel that your ideas do not flow like other times, and you notice with heaviness and creativity that progresses very slowly. Calm.

Tuesday the 6th will be a day to resolve back issues and also to have clarity of mind and avoid confusion. Always follow the straight path and you will never go wrong. On Wednesday the 7th, your projects await in the attic of what is pending to be solved. Until you clarify how to approach it, it is appropriate to plan it better.cancer Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th April 2021

On Thursday 8th, you need calm and precision to do everything you have in hand. And plan it calmly and calmly. On Friday the 9th, today you will be able to continue offering your most intuitive and profound part to others. It is an exercise that comes from your inner wisdom and that you offer to others to brighten their lives and make them happier.

On Saturday the 10th, you need stability and peace of mind to support you in the new strategies you want for your profession. And only with a “clinical eye” can you move on to the next phase. And, on Sunday the 11th, you will find freedom of action, as long as you act with a good disposition towards other people. Since it is your task today.
Cancer Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Your nerves are on edge. Your emotions are heightened and you find it difficult to focus on your goals. You want to regain your well-being but you feel totally lonely and you are criticized for wanting to control everything. While waiting for this bad atmosphere to pass, try to control your bad mood to avoid headaches.

Cancer This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 5th to 11th April 2021

The planetary influences of this week of April 5 induce in your attitude a lack of flexibility, of understanding towards the weaknesses of others. This can cause tensions in your relationships and attract people who are only looking for protection … Do not be fooled by the “broken arms” which, with fine words, can make you fall in their nets, under pain to have to carry them at arm’s length, then!

Contact with a younger person will be useful for you to effectively reframe your vision of things on the heart side. You project your own desires onto others … Now is not the time to get into big debates. You take great pleasure in pointing out the mistakes of others with humor. Beware of reactions … Be careful not to go wrong when revealing secrets.

You are on edge this week and the quality of your work suffers! You are overwhelmed by stress, your professional actions are not up to your usual commitment, you feel underperforming. Do not aggravate the situation by undermining your chances of success by adding ill will, on the contrary, get rid of this negative feeling which will only make things worse. Open up to outside help!

By dint of cutting your hair in four, you expose yourself to overwork, by an excess of realism. Don’t chase your dreams, they are not in vain, even if you cannot make them come true yet. Too much reasoning can drive out your spontaneity with those around you. You intimidate others without realizing it, by closing the doors to your weaknesses, you forbid the expression of that of others.

Money and Luck
The idea of ending the past prompts you to make changes. Unfortunately, they risk destroying your finances. This week, before you start shopping to change the decoration of your interior, do your accounts! Make a budget and don’t go over it. Also, be careful with your choices. Why? Because an astral conjuncture pushes you to have luxury tastes.

Bet on novelty to keep you in shape and change your habits, alleviate the constraints. Heaven energizes you but also risks pushing you into crisis. Fortunately, you can moderate your excesses by favoring negotiation, by better managing your resources, and by smoothing out angles.

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