Cancer Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th November 2018

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th November 2018

Venus confronts you with situations that allow you to go beyond your limits. The unexplored opens to you and encourages you to new designs. Step by step, you will have the opportunity to improve your emotional and social life if you keep the long-term vision that is essential.

Doubts about your value, complexes come to the surface, remember that, on these subjects, your lack of objectivity plays tricks on you. Your loves will evolve towards exchanges that leave you on your hunger, which you will compensate by sensual impulses stronger than usual.

The transit of Mars continues to rage positively, this week of November 5 and brings you the consistency necessary for the smooth running of your emotional relations. On the other hand, you will tend to be too preoccupied with practical details, to the detriment of the most romantic aspects. It will be necessary especially to remain sufficiently attentive to what your partner tells you, there are expectations hidden behind his words.

Before you start a project, you have to take into account all the parameters, weigh the pros and cons, do not go into improvisation with your eyes closed, take the maximum of information, surround yourself with the right people, those who give you the best advice. You receive an unexpected boost, the experience you have gained allows you to shine. You are under a lucky star.

Money and Luck
Curbing waste is the solution to avoid spending too much especially as your wallet requires more vigilance on your part. At the beginning of the week you move money or find an effective solution to grow your money. You may receive a bonus for work already done. A little extra bonus to add to your account.

What shape do you display this week! You are dynamic, full of spirit and able to perform a lot of prowess of all kinds, congratulations! Have you eaten a lion or simply adapted your diet to your hectic pace of life? Still, your actions fly, your balance is fun to see. Do not let go, do not change anything, continue on this beautiful energetic launch with this smile that characterizes you!

By Mary Emma

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