Cancer Weekly Horoscope From 6 to 12 February 2017

6 to 12 February 2017 Cancer Weekly Horoscope

cancer zodiac 2017

Love: In love begins a period of more communication, friendship and spirituality, and also very sensual and carnal. Take advantage of this moment to converse with your partner and strengthen ties you will need later like air. If your partner is Aquarius you will both be very willing to experiment in new love forms. Experiment with a leisure getaway (or plan it together). Plan to bring a child to the world, if you wish, with your partner and have moments of great romanticism. Your freedom is at stake if you want to formalize a light relationship you have, think and choose your best chance. For married couples it may be improvements in the relationship with loss of free time.

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Health: Take advantage and take a break before stress is overcome, enjoy relaxing moments at home or somewhere nice with your love. Mimos do not come at all bad and preserve health. Do not go overboard with dietary controls, a healthy diet is what you require, but do not overdo it. An outdoor outlet will burn fats, put you in better shape and you can breathe fresh air. An exit with the couple can favor not only health. Juices and fruits are indicated during this week to achieve a strengthening of defenses and immunity.

Work: We do not always reach the desired goal, not everyone achieves success although we are all born successful, and it is a problem of self-esteem and lack of confidence and faith in oneself. Use your intuition to know if you are facing a real business opportunity, be careful, be prudent. Very good social communication, with colleagues, friends, partners and friends. His great ability to organize and orient the impossible to organize will be inspiration from co-workers and praise from his bosses. The material development and abundance you want for yourself and for yours will come if you know how to organize better.