Cancer Weekly Horoscope 6th November to 12th November 2017

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 6th November to 12th November 2017

The entry of Venus as a friend sign energizes your loves and your friendships. Finished, unfriendly environments to your critical eyes. The dynamism returns in your exchanges and signs the return of a friendly atmosphere that you like. It’s a good time to analyze your emotional and financial life and do the sorting that is required.

Plan moments of relaxation and rest because the week promises to be busy. Your schedule is saturated: it’s not easy to organize proper schedules! You go straight to the point with frankness and daring. Be careful, however, to some sensitivities that must be spared! Your sentimental life may come to life, your libido is easily expressed. Luck is rather on your side and your analytical mind will be very useful in this passionate but sometimes suspicious atmosphere.cancer weekly horoscope 6th to 12th novermber 2017

Cancer Love
This end of cycle highlights your real needs, in light of your outdoor lifestyle, which will allow you to become aware of the partitions to make or remodel between your social life and your private life. Indeed, it is time to balance in the emotional field, which paradoxically will allow you to make interesting progress. Your lighter moods make you see life more optimistically, it’s time to get closer to your friends, family, or to connect new acquaintances. Nervous and worried, you become aggressive, ready to pounce on the first moving. Your children are suing you and you have a bad eye on this rebellion. Calls to order may rain!

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Cancer Job
Your calm and your discernment will be very fruitful this week, in this area. Your analytical skills are ahead and will allow you to take a step back on your situation and your work itself. The influx of Mars will bring you an energy perfectly suited to a background work and personal assessments. You will be more enduring in daily tasks, more meticulous.

Cancer Money
The external circumstances this week of November 6th will be excellent in the financial field. You will find opportunities to consolidate the purse strings by unusual circumstances. Getting to the right place at the right time will be real for many of you, to increase your cash flow. Venus urges you to be cautious, which slows down your impulsivity in front of the stores. Your budget is melting slower than usual. You will be the king of the calculator today, dear! The clear and limpid mind, you juggle with the numbers as if you had always dreamed of being an accountant. What a godsend for your job, where you will close your budgets in two phases. The madness of the numbers will continue you in your private life. You will spend the evening preparing your next investments. It’s an ideal day to think about new professional opportunities!

Cancer Health
Your metabolism will be reinforced with more inner calm, paradoxically your excess needs in other areas this week. Indeed, you will dose your energy more calmly, spending only when it is necessary. Breaking wind does not inspire you and you instinctively feel, more vividly than usual, an intense need for action measured and at the same time more effective.