Cancer Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th February 2021

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th February 2021

Cancer (born between June 22 and July 22): On Monday 8th, your harmony today will be contagious and you will be able to do everything in a calm and balanced way. You will want to move and share your joy, which will result in well-being around you and yourself. So you will use your naturalness, your protection, and your serenity with others.

On Tuesday the 9th, use your perceptions, which will be greatly increased and which will lead you on the right path in your life to evolve and grow evolutionarily. It is important to lay your foundations firmly and not live on illusions and “Castles in the air”. On Wednesday the 10th, through people you have known for a long time, it will help you highlight your talents; and this will stimulate your personal worth and the way to follow your intuition to get to the right place at the best time.

On Thursday the 11th, you will feel light once you overcome the challenge before you. Plan everything in a relaxed and simple way, Everything will turn out great if you let yourself be carried away by euphoria and joy. On Friday the 12th, you will have to make peace with your partner or intimate friendship, since you can once again remember those unique moments that you lived in the past and that united you so much.

On Saturday 13th, if you hit the right key, you will dominate everything you are doing. Which will fill you with joy and good news. And on Sunday 14th, you can dedicate yourself to your favorite hobbies and escape in the best way that you already know and that you love. It is a day for you.

You know the truth hurts. Your honesty and frankness give you great personal credit. But be careful and do not overuse them because this week you could provoke some susceptibilities. The ambivalence of your sign consists in detesting both doing harm and lying. If your love for your neighbor is so strong, be careful not to make the people around you suffer. Think that you are most likely concluding rather hastily about possible setbacks that occur in your love life. So stop getting ideas, often false, and try not to look at everything with a magnifying glass. The truth is that you can never be sure of anything, but learn to trust your partner.
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A lack of motivation prevents you from moving forward, projects slow down, you are a spectator of your own life. This week of February 8 may well belong. You have trouble seeing beyond the tip of your nose. For the moment you prefer not to make any plan on the comet.

Those around you push you to get out of your reserve, follow this momentum without regret or apprehension. Your spirit of collaboration lacks nuances and you are likely to rush your partner, be careful. Do not create false problems for yourself that have their real source in doubts and suspicions. It reveals a lack of confidence in you.

You come up against opponents determined to make you bite the dust. They vehemently challenge your initiatives and put you in a difficult position. To win your case, do not neglect this adversity and, instead of roaring at the slightest opportunity, rather make a velvet paw and coax the enemy rather than hitting him head-on.

You don’t feel the need to look further in time, even if it’s short term. Do as you see fit, don’t force yourself to do what you don’t feel like doing just because other people have a different outlook on the situation.

Money and Luck
Your finances are no longer in turmoil but in the light, once your charges are honored, you have money left for the pleasures. You went to great lengths but your will paid off. New activities contribute to a more comfortable and less painful daily life. You can rejoice, this week you can spend lavishly. Your loved ones benefit from your largesse.

A little meditation would do you the best, instead of throwing yourself headlong into work or other activities, so do yoga, resting body and mind will help you find a better balance. . It’s a difficult week on the moral level, a little relaxation allows you to gain serenity before the explosion it is a good alternative.

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