Cancer Weekly Horoscope 9th November to 15th November 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 9th November to 15th November 2020

Cancer (born between June 22 and July 22): On the 9th, you will have a challenge that will consist of letting generosity come from within to reach others sincerely and profoundly; from the heart. By reaching inside you will be able to expand that love and compassion to others.

On Tuesday the 10th, your expressions must be soft and calm to get what you want, without too much fuss. With cordiality, especially with your partner, you will make your busyness seem less.cancer weekly horoscope 9th to 15th november 2020

On Wednesday the 11th, if you deepen your knowledge, your affection and kindness will spread through people, and you will be able to help others in a thousand different ways; and this helps you generate a very positive feeling of your own. You will perceive that you have more free time and that your life is more satisfying.

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Thursday the 12th is a day to tune in with others, without tension. Avoid holding on to what you want to happen, because this will make you feel bad if it doesn’t turn out that way. Always expect something new and different. Your projects will be dynamic. On Friday 13th, life puts in front of you the opportunity to help many people. Stick to reality and don’t get lost in false dreams, because of your great vitality, which continually pushes you. Start with those close to you and little by little the circle will expand.

Saturday the 14th is a day to have fun and entertain yourself in what you like. More people will be able to join to share like a few years ago and that everything is a really incredible party. And with surprises. A special day. And Sunday is a day to dream and rest. Since you are doing a lot of actions lately and you need to stop from time to time. You need peace and relaxation.

Cancer Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

With the arrival of Mars in the square of your native sun, you live intensely, expect to encounter fights, struggles, conquests. This transit gives you the poise, the determination, and the courage to fight, to overcome obstacles, and meet challenges.

Push your limits and hope for the best for yourself! This generous sky meets your expectations and amplifies your chances of success. You are not alone on board and your partner knows the maneuver to arrive safely and transport you to paradise. Challenge yourself, be daring, and above all, believe in yourself to explore the map of tender.

You defend the acquired ground and you confront the differences of opinion which you meet within your professional circle. Heaven is calling on you to measure yourselves against adversity and to face opposition. It is possible that your hierarchy challenges your plans or openly asks you to prove yourself.

You jump on every opportunity to satisfy your desires. You skip moderation and adopt a totally extreme behavior. Pay attention to your way of communicating which can be particularly scathing and do not take reckless risks.

Money and Luck
At the start of the week, you take advantage of a situation. Did you smell the right opportunity to make money? If you have projects in mind, now is the time, the excellent health of your finances allows you to implement all your ideas, even the most incongruous. Seize the opportunities, the luck is present, you make interesting profits. A great collaboration is also possible.

An intrepid sky boosts you and strongly encourages the implementation of your multiple and varied projects. Caught in the pincers by ardent energy and duty of reserve, you must therefore try to evolve as serenely as possible towards your goals without ruining your reserves or recklessly drawing on energy considerably constrained by common sense.