Cancer Weekly Horoscope 9th to 15th December 2019

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 9th to 15th December 2019

With Mars in trine, you instinctively know how to seduce! You do not hesitate to exceed your shyness and go more spontaneously to others.

This does not mean that you are being thoughtless. On the contrary, whatever the field, you remain cautious in your actions and leave nothing to chance.cancer this week 9th to 15th of december 2019 horoscope

No question of staying cloistered in your cave because the party begins. Significant encounters are favored and, likely, you will not end the week alone but rather in good company.

As a couple, you take advantage of the luminous situation to forget the family riots and enjoy together the fruits of new complicity.

This week of December 9 promises to be intense, professionally you are filled with great ambitions, you have a thousand projects in mind, lots of ideas to implement, you put everything on paper, just to remember nothing.

There are only good waves, take the opportunity to act, your evolution requires concentration but around you, everything suggests that you owe your success to yourself.

You can count on your charisma and your natural elegance to seduce as you wish. Your way of acting and expressing yourself full of diplomacy attracts you new sympathies and allows you to realize all your desires. You create a harmonious atmosphere wherever you go!

Money and Luck
Although your financial situation is easy, this week is not the time to fall asleep on your laurels. Contrary to what you think, you can seize the chance that passes within your reach.

To do this, be strategic and dare to put your strengths and your skills forward. It may seem a little daring, but that’s how you will achieve your goals.

This week exposes you to a drop in vitality due to past excesses. Slow down the machine a little, relax on the fact of staying in the competition, think rather of you instead of thinking about the performances of others!

You are unique and have nothing to prove to anyone so refocus your choices and actions according to your dynamism of the moment and not your ego!

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