Capricorn Daily Horoscope for Today Sunday 6th January 2019

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for Today Sunday 6th January 2019

Among the advantages that the planetary configurations of your Capricorn sign provide you, now that your ruler, Saturn, transits directly, is your ability to gracefully overcome the difficulties that are presented to you. This weekend that you have in front of you will confirm that predisposition successfully.

A loving disappointment? You take it so sportingly that you impress yourself. You are on a path that helps you forget disappointments and look to the future with hope. You have all the ingredients for happiness.capricorn daily horoscope today sunday 6th january 2019

With Saturn in your sign and the Moon in your element, earth, your intimate life is totally revolutionized. You are in the middle of a process where you finish what does not suit you and start something totally new for you. A different chapter opens up in your relationships. You forget what happened to you, the negative experiences are overcome and you start a cycle of total revitalization of your privacy.

You may feel exhausted due to excessive occupations during this weekend, suffer some headaches or have anxiety attacks. If it happens to you, occupy the mind in another activity, do physical exercises, and the sensation will pass.

Work and Career
Something good is about to happen in your work life. The transfer you expected or the promised promotion are very close to you. Do not be impatient if something takes, especially a management with abroad because now you will reap the fruits of what you have sown.

Money and Luck
Money is spinning around you in legal matters and in chance. Do not miss a meeting where your affairs are discussed because from now on your presence will be needed to bring order to legal papers, wills, important documents and papers of all kinds, Capricorn.

Today you will feel free to say what you think. Those worries that torment you may not seem so threatening in the light of day. You must choose a trusted friend to open your heart. And if this makes you feel good, do not hesitate to download more often!

Generally you tend to let work paperwork go by, but today the need to handle financial issues will force you to sit down and finish them. However, you will be practical and efficient with everything that involves money and other resources, so do not be surprised if you do everything wonders. Other paperwork – like your writings – will also work out well. Then: Invite yourself to a beautiful dinner at your favorite restaurant!

Today there will be an exciting group activity, perhaps with your friends. Your mind will go a thousand miles an hour during the day. You will exchange ideas, have stimulating conversations and meet interesting people. However, someone you know will have an agenda of their own. Learn to discriminate with whom you will meet later.

It is with steam that you will advance your material affairs today. Your ideas are good, exploit them. It is also through human contacts that you will have the best opportunities to consolidate your financial interests. Luck is at your side, enjoy!

Your very personal humor is a hit every time. Your loved ones know your jokes by heart. Today, you go there with your talent to make you forgive your absence.

Your partner gives you his unwavering support. On the other hand, you can be brittle towards this loved one and cause him harm. Be inspired by his attitude, draw on his resources to learn how to support him, as he does with you.

The signs of the Zodiac designate you among the lucky ones today. If you are looking for love, take this unique opportunity. You may start a new relationship with a person who is deeply committed to his work.

If you nurture social values, consider putting them into practice in your actions. Especially since today, the focus will be on team spirit. In your work environment, there will be collaborative help that will lead to better results. Because it is well known: together, we go further.

Your light mood will push you to the expense. Your choices will focus on useful purchases. Be careful, however, not to multiply them because you will be more like basket drilled today. Money will burn your fingers. Moderate your desires and return to reason. Your wallet will only get better.

Capricorn Lucky Numbers Today 6th January 2019 are 14, 27, 49, 73

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